I Love Your Blog, Now Please…

Written By bryanboy

“Oh no, not again” is the first thing that pops into my head whenever I get emails from my dearest readers asking me to promote themselves or someone they know because they’ve joined an online popularity contest of some sort. Not a day goes by without anyone pleading for me to mention to my social network (blog, twitter, etc) to “like” or “vote” for someone. I’ve been inundated lately with such requests.

A photo of Bryanboy at Boston Burying Ground wearing Kenzo

I love my readers. I really do. It’s flattering when people email me saying they love my site. Heck, it’s flattering when they email me, period. I acknowledge AND appreciate the time and effort (as long as it’s not a cut-and-paste template). Some of them are probably just trying their luck and of course, it doesn’t hurt to do so.

However, let’s cut the lip service. If you really “love” my blog, as you say, you’ll know that I don’t no longer promote online popularity contests of any kind. I think it’s rather childish to find as many people as you can, get them to click a button and voila, popularity achieved.

Also, I don’t want a snowball effect. It’s not fair if I blog about one contest and then I’m not gonna blog about others. It’s also not fair to my other readers who sought my support in the past.

As many of you have noticed, my site is a continuous work in progress. I like to think of my blog as a little online reflection of the moment, my moment: where I am in my life, how I evolve as a person, what I’m currently interested in, what piqued my interest, what I’ve experienced, etc. As much as I adore readers who have been reading for me years, I roll my eyes over the ones who are forever stuck in the past. Can you imagine if I blogged the same way I did three years ago? Four years ago? I can’t. That would make me stale. Who wants to be served stale bread over and over and over again? One must be in touch with the moment, not the past, in order to be relevant. I admire people who have a crystal-clear, rounded vision (and they stick to it!!!) of what they share online but always remember that there’s no cookie cutter approach when it comes to blogging. What works for some may not work for others.

I was walking alone around downtown New York one afternoon last autumn. You know, just a leisurely casual stroll. When I passed by the electronics store J&R, I saw a bunch of cameras inside the window. Upon further preening, I questioned myself and my blogging style over the years — I don’t proofread, I don’t grammar-check, I type what I think without censoring, I use expletives, and here I am, still using a crappy point-and-shoot camera blah blah blah. I attempted to console my bruised ego by thinking well, people don’t go to me to read precious prose or to see high-quality, visually-stimulating photography. People go to me for my personality!

Unfortunately, trying to reason with oneself didn’t work. That’s when the guilt kicked in. To put things into perspective, I looked back at all the amazing, life-changing opportunities that have been thrown my way. It would be unfair if I didn’t evolve and strive to deliver the best that I possibly can. Not everyone will obviously find my best pleasant and of course, what I deliver at my my best is probably what someone can deliver while they are weak… but the crux of the matter here is that I tried. Nothing wrong with that. Again, life is a grand buffet. You gotta try, try and try!

I ended up buying the most affordable DSLR camera they had in stock — a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. I thought I’d go for an entry-level unit; it’s my first DSLR. I left the store with an upbeat, cheerful mood, excited at the prospect of sharing better pictures. After all, we should always, always strive for the better, if not the best. And part of this involves uplifting our personal standards.

Unfortunately, my best doesn’t include blogging about contests or encouraging online voting for other people. I’m very sorry. Please don’t take it personal.t


  1. ooh bohemian bryanboy, i love it. the layers and the colors look phenomenal. i am a huge fan of (vintage)fur. so hurray for the boots? but what a scarf, this is how a scarf has to be: big an beautiful.

    my best friend said after i started my blog: you will have the most wonderful scrapbook to look at when you are old, so i can get your intention, your blog is, and i must say a very fabulous one, a compilation of your life.

  2. Great Bryan, you’ve gotta stick to your principles and integrity too,right?
    In fact, you’re right, it won;t be fair to all your readers too.
    I salute you for that BB! Kudos! :)

  3. Well said, Bryan! That’s the reason I really love your blog- so different from every other. Stay true to yourself, that is the best strategy, I think… It is also about YOU having fun when YOU blog!
    So great to read something like this right after waking up! xox

  4. Great post, Bryan!! Only reason I have been drawn to your blog(and I only stumbled upon it a few months ago!) is because it feels so real. It both feels luxurious and down-to-earth. It feels genuine! Just because you don’t seem to proof-read yet you write in a great way for readers to be drawn! I love “following you around” through the entire world :) But the most important thing is that YOU are happy with what you do and that you feel you are true to yourself! In the end that is what matter the most. Much <3 and best of luck for the future!

  5. I think it’s silly to expect you to be stucked and be where you used to be but the essence of you has changed. And it shouldn’t.
    It’s no longer fun, it’s more like post a picture and considered a blog post. Admit it, there was a lot of fun back in the day, could be as random as going out to the market etc. These days it’s about fashion ONLY and also trying to satisfy the advertisers….I know everyone gotta make a living but like I said, you have turned your back to the very thing that made you famous at the first place. Fashion is fine but coverage for this and that fashion week I can get anywhere and everywhere but there is only one Bryanboy. It should be unique…

    I hope you don’t take this as a complaint or being negative, just thoughts..I am still reading your blog and following you but I thought I can say this after reading you for blog for over 5 years now. Thanks

  6. I actually just read some of your 3-4 year old blog entries, and I must say it’s SO inspiring to see how your career has evolved! One day (or maybe month, more likely? haha) I’m gonna read it all through! Very very inspiring! Being you and constantly evolving is what has brought you to where you are :) ,XO

  7. Đỗ Hoàng Giáp

    this is so right!! i myself find it disrespectful when i see comments asking you to follow blogs!!!

  8. Awsome said and done, finoto, end of story! Your view on life made me think about my own life and where I was to where I am today. Thanks, keep up all the great things you do best.


  9. It is so ture what you say! If I like a blog I follow it, I don’t plead for them following me back or take a look at my blog or or or… Because what then happens is that you have people following you who are not really interested in what you do, they just want this “exchange” for a higher follower number. Even on my new small blog they start to ask me to follow them. I’m sorry, this is not how I want it.
    I really like it that you have your rules and stand to them!
    Have a great day!


    your photos are really better now! and the layout. its evolving, as well as how you have become!

  11. Ive always said if someone doesnt make changes over the years they just want to “play it safe” and choose the “if it isnt broke dont fix it” grand scheme of things.
    So i think it is great you are pushing and trying new things,however if you dont want things to become a popularity contest perhaps you should take the link to Rumis blog off your page after all she does have enough visitors as it is.
    Perhaps people see it as “she has enough visitors so if i ask Bryan to help maybe he will” no harm in trying but to be fair id rather showcase someone who is new rather than someone who is popular already.

  12. Elena Vasilieva

    love it that you stay true to yourself. life is not a popularity contest. I get tons of comments on my blog saying “if you follow me i’ll follow you back”, which i generally tend to ignore since i prefer to do my work for people who really appreciate it and not for those who just want a couple of more clicks and a few more followers. Bottom line being – your blog is awesome and I absolutely adore the fact that you are so unique and always being yourself. Have a fab day



  13. Keep inspiring folks BryanBoy, because no matter what happens everyone will still come and see whats new. I know I do. Hehe. Well said and be safe! xo.

  14. jademanalac

    I love and respect your honesty. and people who get hurt bcoz of the truth are people who live in lies.

  15. If I am going to follow a blog it is because I truly enjoy the content not because of how popular they are. I find your blog very inspiring and agree with you 100% on this subject. I love how raw and real you are and i think you are fabulous <3

  16. I agree, those voting things are lame. Always do what you think is best. Once you start caving to what your readers want, your site will devalue. I mainly like reading your blog to see your outfits and color combos. Blogs like yours will put magazines like Vogue out of business. It’s more fun to check in to see what you are doing and wearing than read some boring articles in Vogue. And model photo spreads are so dull and played out.

    I’m not as in touch with the fashion industry as I used to be since I am now out of the industry however reading your blog gives me a quick well rounded dose of the fashion industry through the eyes of a very stylish person. I love your color combos and crazy sun glasses. You are like Elton John from the 70’s but toned down. And those photos from the Singapore hotel pool were awesome! Wish I was there.

  17. Your personality is why I read your blog. I wish you did posts like these more often. After a month of front row youtube videos and this new clinical web design I was about to give up hope.

  18. I was under the impression that your blog took off from an online popularity contest of some sort — the marc jacobs video. so i think it’s only fair! :P

  19. Sweet jesus lord of mercy. I just had to cross my legs at work thanks to that cape. Or thanks to the look you’re giving the camera. Either or.

  20. If you dont wish to link your readers blogs which is fair enough if you were to do that you would be posting thousands a day then perhaps you shouldnt have a link to Rumis blog i do beleive she gets enough followers,and theres a tad contradiction to this post.Dont get me wrong i am an avid reader,your blog rocks and you are inspiring but i dont really think you can say one thing and do another.I understand she is a friend but having her link on your site is like trying to make her even more popular,to be fair she gets enough visitors as it is.

  21. I couldn’t agree more with your post. This blog is the result of years of hard work. So you have “won” your position in the “blogsphere”.
    But don’t forget that someone…somehow… time ago… would also helped you…

  22. Sara Simon

    I`m not asking you to promote anything but can you share your thoughts on the infamous `size issue` in contemporary fashion world ? There had been many complaints recently from chief editors of popular magazines (including your beloved Anna Wintour) regarding fashion designers who are sending them smaller and smaller sample sizes for photoshoots forcing the magazines to hire skinny ,anorectic-looking models.
    I`m naturally slim and stopped buyig Diva magazine after they published an annoying article asking their readers if the fact that British women are getting bigger (read obese) means Diva should use `large` models for cover shoots.I found this idea highly offensive not only to my God-given small frame but mostly to my love for healthy lifestyle (which one could expect a women-loving magazine should promote nstead obesity!!!).
    B.U.T : on the other side FORCING the editors to feature only 1 type of body image cannot be healthy ,right ?
    P.S. Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss stated that she started to design her own clothes because she couldn`t find anything that would fit her maturing body as the designers were ignoring the fact that womens body includes hips & bust …

  23. oh dahling, what is that around your fabulous neck? fox fur? I simply MUST know where such elite luxe can be bought. If not, then pray tell point me to the direction where I can kill such a miserable creature that’s a threat to our safety. Fuck critters!

  24. Bryan, when did you become part of NOWMANIFEST? I don’t remember you Tweeting about it… Anyway I was totally confused because your old blog URL is still live and doesn’t redirect to your new site. Ask your Web people to look into this for you, so that anyone with an old bookmark gets (gently) redirected to your new site. Looking forward to catching up on your posts and enjoy your new camera!

  25. Amen. You said it. I also recently (well, sort of) purchased my first DSLR camera for the exact same purpose! I’d like to give better quality pictures for my readers to capture every little detail of my outfit. However, I still have a lot to learn before I start producing amazing photos. But, as you said, I’m working on it. Thanks for the wonderful writing and connection. :)

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