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Two nights ago, I was presented with two Sunday options: Shanghai shopping tour or go to the last day of the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. A few people opted for Formula 1 so, in order not to be left out, I ended up choosing it. Fast forward to this morning, I was *this* close to bailing out attending Formula 1 (Me? Sport? Come on…) and then I thought, I probably won’t have this opportunity in my life so why not go and test it out? Again, I live my life with the mantra ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’

Bryanboy at Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai
Bryanboy at Michael Schumacher's Pit Lane at Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai

I went, I saw and boy, I had lots of fun.

It turns out, my (complimentary) Formula 1 Paddock Club access pass is worth 2,700 euros — just for today. Can you imagine how many shoes you can buy with that money? After spending the entire day at the races, I can understand why sporting events have lots and lots of fans willing to shell out tons of money. What I experienced was BEYOND amazing!

More to follow. I’m late for dinner!


  1. Awesome trip!! There’s much more to Formula 1 than just the cars ;) and by the way…best box you’re infront of: Germany!!

  2. “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I’ve been living by this quote–or at least trying–and it has not only made for some good stories, but also for some amazing new friends. WELL SAID. You go touch some shiny cars now and you touch them good!

  3. Joven Bulawit

    So lucky! I would kill (not literally) to have the same passes that you had…glad that you liked your first F1 experience … come back here in Singapore on September to experience the only night race on F1 calendar ..

  4. Joven Bulawit

    Lucky you! Many would kill for that passes… Glad that you liked your first F1 experience. Come back here in Singapore on September 23-25 to experience the only night race on F1 calendar … love the shoes by the way!

  5. i bet you where the most fashionable and hottest guy on the circuit!! I don’t like formula 1 fashion, it can look so cheap. love the pink hat, looks fabulous with your dark hair and coat. everything is better with an invitation!!

  6. Salil Kumar

    Hi BryanBoy, I get major deja va everytime I see pictures of you following the Dolce Fall show. Hope you will get your paws on pieces from the collection soon. Anyway, was wondering whether you were paying Sydney a visit for the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in May. You have many many fans here and Susie Bubble and I think Tommy Ton are confirmed to be attending! Get your Jil Sander pants and yourself down here! Also, if you get the chance to see this post, I’m trying to win a competition to get a chance to work with a big pr firm at the RAFW, so if you do see this (chance being less than 2%), please take two minutes to go to the link below and like the MCM PR company’s facebook page, and then my photo. Love you longtime. Salil

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