Two nights ago, I was presented with two Sunday options: Shanghai shopping tour or go to the last day of the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix. A few people opted for Formula 1 so, in order not to be left out, I ended up choosing it. Fast forward to this morning, I was *this* close to bailing out attending Formula 1 (Me? Sport? Come on…) and then I thought, I probably won’t have this opportunity in my life so why not go and test it out? Again, I live my life with the mantra ‘when was the last time you did something for the first time?’

Bryanboy at Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai
Bryanboy at Michael Schumacher's Pit Lane at Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix Shanghai

I went, I saw and boy, I had lots of fun.

It turns out, my (complimentary) Formula 1 Paddock Club access pass is worth 2,700 euros — just for today. Can you imagine how many shoes you can buy with that money? After spending the entire day at the races, I can understand why sporting events have lots and lots of fans willing to shell out tons of money. What I experienced was BEYOND amazing!

More to follow. I’m late for dinner!