Don’t Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Written By bryanboy

I bought this red lego heart brooch from a store in Haji Lane, Singapore a few days ago. I wanted to give one to the BF the next time I see him but then again, it’s probably a bit too outré for his taste. I asked him on Skype if he would wear such thing. Our conversation went like this:

red lego heart brooch

Him: Where do you want me to wear it?
Me: On your coat?
Him: It’s summer soon…
Me: On your jacket?
Him: I only wear jackets if I go to formal events and the brooch is hardly formal.
Me: Ok I’ll give it to friends then.
Him: I can wear it on my t-shirt.
Me: Oh yeah.

Click HERE to buy a lego heart brooch online.


  1. yea it isnt a good place.. wear it inside, where it functions best :) hope u enjoyed singapore!

  2. Melanie

    Bryan boy, I thought you were on top of “Fashion” You must not know who Dee&Ricky are. Tisk Tisk …

    1. bryanboy Post author

      Melanie I’m sorry for not knowing every independent indie label out there. Do you think Anna Wintour has heard of them as well?

  3. They Designed the Marc Jacobs Spring 08 Show. I’m sure she knows who they are. They are also in the new Bill Cunningham Documentary.

  4. Marc Jacobs used their Lego works in his runway show in the spring of ’08. I bet Anna Wintour has heard of Marc Jacobs.

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