Byredo Pulp

Written By bryanboy

I bought my first Byredo fragrance in Stockholm two weeks ago during a lazy afternoon. With my crazy schedule, free time to sniff around wonderful concoctions is a luxury. When I passed by the Byredo store, I knew I had to go in. I’ve heard many great things about this Swedish perfume brand. So I bought ‘Pulp’. It’s my favourite scent out of everything they offered. You know me — I have the vocabulary of a twelve-year old so don’t let me put it into writing how it smells. All I know is that it’s terrific.

Byredo Pulp Eau du Parfum

What impressed me the most is the amount of effort they’ve put into their branding and packaging. My boyfriend joked how I basically paid a little under US$200 for luxurious paper and boxes. All that jazz for 50ml’s worth of fragrance. But it’s worth it.

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Byredo Fragrances
Byredo Pulp Box
Byredo of Sweden


  1. So funny, I just posted today about my (new) love for this fragrance! I think it’s just perfection, definitely the best of Byredo! I am from Sweden (however live in the US) so I’ve never visited their store, looking forward for doing so this summer! Love your blog by the way! Been reading it for ages now :) xx Elsa

  2. I’ve never smelled Pulp (in Portugal, only one store carries Byredo and they don’t sell the whole line) but I do love La Tulipe, it’s lovely and fresh and green and floral (and a little funny, because tulips don’t really have a smell).

  3. haha, I actually think that you use exactly the right words when it comes to describing things, I love that your writing is so natural and fluid!.

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