A Whole Lotta Skyping

Written By bryanboy

You have absolutely no idea how much I rely on Skype when it comes to keeping my personal relationships intact. I use it to communicate to my loved ones – family, friends, etc. I talk to them as much as I can whenever possible. Sometimes, when my internet connection is choppy (hello Europe), I use both the phone AND skype at the same time. It’s one thing to talk to on the phone, it’s another thing to see their face, their gestures and their feelings on video.

Bryanboy on Skype in Hong Kong

Anyway, my bf has a habit of (secretly) taking screen shots of me while talking to him at my most raw and vulnerable: when I’m usually alone on my own after a long day’s worth of work, away from people and detached from the insanity of my usual environment. He respects my privacy, of course, and he always shows me what he’s taken. Yesterday afternoon, he sent me a batch of photographs over the past few months reflecting my various moods. Some are for sharing while most are, well, let’s just say most are for private viewing. Ha ha!

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Bryanboy on Skype in Brazil

Bryanboy on Skype in New York

Bryanboy on Skype in Milan

Being separated from loved ones is not easy. I cannot count the number of times I’ve shed tears because here I am chasing my dreams, working very, very hard but I’m usually miles and miles away from the people closest to my heart. I am aware that this – whatever this is – is the result of the choices I’ve made. If I hated being away from family so much, why not just stay with them? If I disliked being in a long distance relationship, then why not get someone nearby? From the beginning, I knew I had to make a lot of sacrifices just to follow my passion. It’s a very challenging and rocky path to trek to make your dreams come true. However, when some of them do come true, it’s a priceless and satisfying feeling.

I like to think of life as a grand buffet table. It would be oh so boring if one selectively picks everything that is familiar. Sometimes, in order to enjoy the buffet, one must sample the new, the unknown to see whether he or she likes it or not.

The same concept applies in life — one should try different things in order to find what you truly love.

Some of you have been asking me how I’m able to keep my relationship together in spite of the distance. Let me tell you, it involves a lot of communication. And a very, very understanding and compassionate partner. Ten phone calls a day are not enough. I don’t think you can quantify as to how many phone calls, how many texts, how many skype calls are needed.

Whenever me and my partner are a few thousand miles apart, we try to run things as if we’re still together physically. We wake each other up. Oh yes, I’m his personal alarm clock and vice versa. I’d rather hear my bf’s voice than the automated hotel wake up call system.

Since he works an 8-5 job, we talk on the phone on his way to work, during his lunch hour, during his coffee break and right after work and when he gets home — regardless of what time zone I’m at and trust me, it changes every few days!

I do the same. I call him when I wake up, on my way to meetings or shows, on my way to the airport, on my way from the airport, in between engagements, on my way home, etc.

I’ve also implemented a personal curfew. I’ve given up pulling all-nighters at bars and clubs. I no longer go to parties unless I’m co-hosting it or I’m being paid to attend. I cherry-pick dinners and events. Why? Because the time I spend doing all that is the ONLY time I could spend with my partner.

It doesn’t mean we’re tied with this imaginary ball and chain. We’re free to do what we like with advance notice. We share an online calendar where we put all our activities. As long as we both know what each other are doing and where we are, it’s fine.

Many relationships fail, whether it’s long distance or not, because two people don’t spend enough quality time with their partners.

I confess that I can be very, very, very demanding. I believe in giving your all or not giving at all. During the early days of our relationship, I told him I’m in it for the long haul. Nothing turns me off more than time-wasters. Who wants to invest their time and emotions on someone who isn’t doing the same? All I can say is the powers that be should give my man a fucking gold medal for giving me his absolute darn best.

I feel like I’m making everything sound like what we have is a quick, stroll in the park filled with rainbows and unicorns and sunshine but it’s not. We’ve gone through a lot of very challenging moments.

His biggest fear is me walking away from him in exchange for someone better. My biggest fear is that someday, he’ll get tired of putting up with me, look around for something a bit more stable, slip into something or someone a bit more familiar and close to home. Let’s face it — I’m very unpredictable. I’m a circus, a one-man show. I’m hardly Dorothy-next-door.

You may be scratching your head thinking it’s all too much. It *IS* too much.

It’s a high-maintenance relationship, yes.

But you know what? The end justifies the means.

Whenever we meet at whatever airport or train station, it’s heart-warming to see him there waiting for me, looking like a lost penguin. I always look forward to running towards him and get that first big, embrace. My whole world stops. Everything else is rendered null and void.

There’s only one word to describe the feeling.

It’s magical.


  1. Gilbert Ganda

    Bryan! that’s really awesome post to end my day. you guys are just so sweet!

  2. Bryan, this was really a heart-warming post. You and your boyfriend seem to be so passionate and loving, I wish you guys the best.

  3. Three years ago on New Years Eve me and my best friend hooked up for the first time (hello tequila!). We lived far apart, but he was worth absolutely any and all effort a long distance relationship requires. Today we live together in another country, chasing our professional dreams together, and I couldn’t be happier =)

  4. i do love your other fashion posts, but.. now! this is a blogpost B.. thanks for sharing. :) very heart warming and informative for those people who seek for love. *ahem* LOL hope to see you back here in the third world! ;)

  5. this are statements straight from the heart of someone who has maturity in dealing relationships. everything was genuine as it is. and this comment comes from someone who shares the same sentiments..

  6. i now love you even more. i wish you all the best and your boyfriend. well, the best things in life are not free, and thats why not everyone can have those. cheers!

  7. This is the kind of entries that I long from you- personal and heartfelt ones. You are one hell of a lucky skinny bitch- having found that one person who can love you back as much as you love him. Go for it! Fight for it! In the end, it’s all gonna be worth it. I love you, Bryan and your boyfriend too (for loving you that much)! Radiation-free kisses from Tokyo. xxxx

  8. Bryan ~ I can totally relate to this post. My now-husband and I met when I studied abroad and that was 5 years ago! And we didn’t even have nearly as much communication as you and your boyfriend. It was 2-3 texts a week and 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday each. He was very tech-unsavvy so no email or Skype until a few years later! I know it’s hard work and a such a pain, but good for you guys for making it work.

  9. These pictures are so priceless! Haha. The first one totally reminds me of the lady gaga (you did a parody??). Been long time since my heart has melted this much reading something.

  10. This post is amazing, I haven’t been away from my loved ones for a very long period of time and this makes me wonder if I could actually make it for more than a ew weeks…

  11. I love the shot with you and the wine bottle. I’ve been there before and a long-distance relationship is difficult, but doable if both partners are really committed to it. What did we do before skype?!

  12. You know what? I think that what you written here is so true, and most of all I wouldn’t say It sounds like rainbow and unicorns, It sounds fucking hard, butt totally worth it. I know everything about time-wasters, I hate it too, and I promised myself one day that I’ll never become such person. But you know what I dated one… for 2 years – glad that not 10. Isn’t it the most selfish behavior, when someone pretends that he’s with you but really is in constant awareness that something better might come every second? Apparently they don’t realize that someone who could you love more than they maybe waiting for you too. I hated it, give myself whole as You, and I have to admit that I admire you for the intensiveness you do it. My boyfriend haven’t got to time to text me for the whole day because he was busy… (as in studying to exams at his dormitory). I sure that as long as you both want it, you’re gonna have what you have now and more.

    Anyway I love those photos, especially one with the mickey mouse ears – you should totally go like this on the street ;D – I mean with ears not topless ;) And the one with the wine in front of the computer – tell me about it ;) Love your blog, and wish you the best of luck in chasing your dreams, I’ve just started chasing mine (you can see it on my blog – Macademian Girl)

    All the love in the world, Macademian Girl

  13. Marcela Hernandez

    you inspire me bryanboy I think you are amazing! all those stories about you make me loves you more you are real ! nothing fake !all your posts are so cool !
    I used to be in a relation ship like this before and I know what it feels like so dont give up ! never let people comment’s about your relation ship let you down !
    I believe in love ! is the most wonderful thing !

  14. Heir Sordan

    i love u so much and that AMAZING BIG BRAIN….
    keep inspiring people

  15. Heir Sordan

    I wonder whats inside that AMAZING Big BRAIN OF YOURS BB…
    perhaps another heart… Continue inspiring us :)

  16. “Who wants to invest their time and emotions on someone who isn’t doing the same? All I can say is the powers that be should give my man a fucking gold medal for giving me his absolute darn best.”


  17. Leo Peregrino

    so sweet post, we are all humans after all, dear. have a splendid week gorgeous.

  18. i love it sobrang nakakakilig bakla k kainis sana ako din meron grabe im happy for you hope your love will last till eternity its so happy to hear story like yours in our world n parang ang hirap mainlove or maging masaya hope i can experience that magical thing

  19. I love this post! you are right Bryan communication is very important for LDRs… nothing is impossible if both of you really want to make it work!

  20. As long as you are both interested in being in the relationship, you will stick with it and distance will not make a difference

  21. Your post made me tear…I wished he would even call me once a day. He dosent see the need to be in touch with me unless there’s something to talk about. I’m so heart brokened now and Im full of envy for your relationship, but you two truly deserve what you both have right now. All the best <3

  22. This is my firt comment on your blog and I just want to say that you wrote everything that i needed right now – a story about true love <3

  23. I shed a tear while reading this. You must realy love your boy. It gives me hope for my relationship. We live 200miles apart from each other, and we can only see each other every two weeks. But we seem to manage it. Thank you for this post!x

  24. it’s indeed magical. i can’t help but smile reading it. You have written what was inside my heart. what I want to feel and i’ve been feeling.

    I hope it’ll last. :)

    Keep inspiring us.

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