Trickle-down Effect

Written By bryanboy

Have you seen these men’s socks at H&M? I’ve been buying them wherever there’s an H&M store for weeks now. It’s cheaper to buy new socks and underwear than send them to the cleaners. Stripes aside, doesn’t the colour scheme remind you of Miuccia Prada’s blockbuster spring/summer 2011 collection?

H&M socks
Gotta love fast-fashion.


  1. j-isabelle

    love the socks too, but it’s wasting to throw socks/underwear away after using them once. Washing machine?! Be thankful that you can afford so many new and often expensive clothes. Lot of people can’t……

  2. “It’s cheaper to buy new socks and underwear than send them to the cleaners.” really? geez. get over yourself!

  3. Patrícia

    Já ouviu falar em máquina de lavar?
    Ou já leu alguma notícia do mundo de hoje, onde milhares de pessoas morrem de fome?
    Já pensou no meio ambiente? Este é o mudo em que vivemos! :(

  4. I agree with J-Isabelle. Especially you who are coming from a less developed country should be aware of problems like this: workers working for very little money in often very bad conditions in order to produce those socks that the industrial world throws away after having used them once and then it goes back to the less developed countries because they get money for taking the crap of the 1st world which results in over-littering – I suggest you rethink your behaviour!

  5. Oh my god. You send your underwear to the cleaners? I just stopped reading your blog, for real.

    1. bryanboy Post author

      Sara — no, I didnt send my underwear and socks to my cleaners. Kindly re-read the blog entry again if you must. I dislike blog readers with comprehension problems.

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