Touchdown Singapore – View From The 47th Floor

Written By bryanboy

I’m currently here in Singapore for the next few days to attend the inaugural of Singapore Men’s Fashion Week. About twenty international menswear fashion brands are showing their fall 2011 collections this week.

View from the 47th floor of Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Lobby ceiling of Marina Bay Sands Hotel
Marina Bay Sands hotel chocolates
It’s always a pleasure to be in Singapore as my biggest reader base in Asia reside here. I love Singaporeans!


  1. Ahhh those chocolates! Have fun! Can’t wear to hear about the collections :)


  2. yeah I agree with you, Singapore is one of the most beautiful place where to stay vacation and have fun. Its full of wonderful and romantic places, I remember when we celebrate our Christmas eve and New year there last year… so fun! :)

  3. hello BB.
    I just moved from NY to Sing, 2 weeks ago really.
    Don’t anything fun to do here – can you suggest?


  4. I love Singapore! Also, love your new website layout! Looks so clean and fresh yet bold!

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