Thierry Mugler Shoes Fall Winter 2011

Written By bryanboy

How stunning are these Thierry Mugler fall/winter 2011 shoes?

Thierry Mugler shoes (dual-tone black and blue)
Allow me to share some images I took when I visited the Mugler showroom in Paris. Pictures can be deceiving at times so don’t let these images fool you. The heels are astonishingly high!

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Thierry Mugler shoes (two-tone black)
Thierry Mugler shoes (laced platform)
Thierry Mugler ponyskin shoes - vertical
Thierry Mugler ponyskin shoes - horizontal
Thierry Mugler shoes  - platform pumps
Renowned shoemaker Massaro (who makes shoes for Chanel haute couture) also made this pair for Mugler.

Lady Gaga Shoes by Massaro for Thierry Mugler


  1. As I said before, I cannot image that my mother used to wear Mugler like 15 years ago. and the sad part is, she gave everything away, the jackets were phenomenal. but back to the shoes. well, i am not sure, they are very interesting. i love the blue color, it is like the perfect color. love the curve of the heel. they remind me of something, but i cannot put my finger on it. I would love to see somebody walking around in it, because they are art pieces.

  2. Wonderful style again by T. Mugler – but really a little bit too high… difficult to walk on them the whole evening… but love the design

  3. Given that half of the models almost fell ass over tit during the show and their job is to walk in high shoes I think they are for decoration rather than use.

  4. The last pair is just amazing. It’s like a talon. Harpies/Sirens anyone? Absolute beauty. Gaga must be strutting on right now since she bought the whole collection!

  5. the talons one were my fave too, there was a similar pair there as well, i was dragged to that showroom and hated the collection. the shoes were the most wearable thing.. the pieces were just an novice experiment.

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