The Power of Flowers

Written By bryanboy

I’m turning into a housewife more and more each day. Like clockwork, I telephoned the BF yesterday afternoon to ask him where he’s at. He told me he left work a few minutes late and he’ll be with me shortly. When I opened the door, he gave me three gargantuan red roses about the size of my fist — the first time he bought me flowers (shock horror!) after almost nine months of being in a relationship together. Biological females probably have it lucky for getting flowers sooner but alas, that’s how the gays roll.

Red Roses
I thought it was a very sweet and kind gesture. We had a pretty messy fight the other night.

I guess that’s the thing about relationships. Both parties have to put in some effort. Both have to do whatever it takes not to give up on each other.

There are times when I want to pinch myself, wondering whether what I have is real or not because it’s too good to be true. But it is.


  1. we do not pay enough attention to beautiful fresh flowers. they can bring your home to life and it is even more fabulous when somebody gives us fresh flowers, not matter what the reason is; I am not a rose fan, but the color is so interesting. so enjoy each other and the flowers

  2. Awwrr, my heart melted reading this. Always nice to read some romance when lacking so much of it in my own life… Haha. So sweet, really.

  3. Reveille Domingo

    WOW! I just love your opening paragraph dear! That’s really how gays roll! LOL

  4. Marcela Hernandez

    oh mgd honey you need to feel thankful and lucky there still many girls in the wrold that still waiting for flowers ! thats shows how much you mean to him ! mucho amora para brianboy !

  5. Marcela Hernandez

    and there is something else i want to tell you !
    I love your posts i always check and im always expecting something from your blog you never dissapointed me ! and you are honest if you dont feel like posting you said not like some people that just post to get followers and shit !
    I love the post you did about that guy that told you that how you cant knew where he got his necklace and he told you that he could to better job that you ! thats a lie ! nobody cant cuz thats the subject you know best ! I admire you and hope to meet in Paris 2012 :) or maybe before if you come to Canada bryan ! i hope you read it!

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