The Last Winter Jolt

Written By bryanboy

Separating from a loved one is never easy. Because of my long distance relationship, I’ve gone through this whole ‘see you later’ thing countless of times. The locations may be different but how I feel remains the same: my heart aches every time we drop each other off at the airport or train station, uncertain when we’re gonna see each other next because of my insane schedule. I have to follow where my work takes me, even at the expense of my personal relationships. I haven’t seen my family in months! I missed three birthdays — my dad’s and both of my sisters’. I guess life is a never-ending balancing act. When you think about it, we are extremely lucky to have technology on our side: phone calls, emails, skype video chats. what about people back in the dark ages when there’s no cellphones or internet? What about soldiers who went to war last century? Bah, humbug.

Bryanboy's last day in Stockholm
Bryanboy's last day in Snowy Stockholm
Hat by State and Lake, sunglasses by Karen Walker, scarf by Herr Judit, jacket by Filippa K, sweater by H&M, jeans by Uniqlo, bag by Chanel, shoes by Prada.

It snowed on my last day in Stockholm. I went to my BF’s office to pick him up for our last lunch out (asian food is comfort food) before he dropped me off at the train that goes straight to the airport.


  1. You really made me miss Stockholm with these pics – one of my all time favorite cities! And the outfit is ab fab – loving the contrast between the 80s inspired sunnies and the 70s print scarf (these patterns were very popular in Scandinavia at the time).
    Keep up the good work Brian – both in style and blogging ;)

  2. I just discover your blog and it looks amazing, I want a 2.55 Chanel, haha! Seriously, your outfits are such impresive.

  3. the colors look perfect together. it is like the scarf has been made for the Prada’s or vice versa. I love the jacket with the gold buttons. it always reminds me of fabulous men smoking a cigar on a yacht (when it is not snowing). be careful with that fabulous Chanel in the snow. dark blue outfit with fabulous deep color combination.

  4. OMG, SNOW?! Are you kidding me?! That’s really bad…
    But your outfit makes the sun shine ;) hihi.
    Your lay out is very tight and beautiful btw.

    Love from,

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