Taking The Sunshine With Me

Written By bryanboy

Beat the blues by matching hues. A splash of yellow doesn’t hurt, too.

Bryanboy in blue Banana Republic shirt, Prada necktie and yellow Filippa K jeans
Yellow Filippa K jeans
Shirt by Banana Republic (shock horror, yes, I bought it there!), neck tie by Prada, jeans by Filippa K.


  1. well you’re good with the color and especially the way you combine it. the tie makes it so stylish and chique. it makes it a little bit more sophisticated. I wish more men would go to the office like this. it is a delicate and fragile combination but it makes me smile. oh you always make me smile.

  2. is that you?… love the pants…. but i would never ever will able to fit in those pants… huhuh..

  3. What’s up with this stigma about Banana Republic or any of-the-people brands among fashion bloggers like you, Bryan?

  4. You look HOT in these pictures! This look suits you very well. And by the way, your website’s new layout is beyond amazing. So chic!

  5. Guys u might not have seen the complete picture.
    The complete set comes pair with a dark blue jacket with Karl Lagerfeld brooch and Prada shoes.
    And the lucky part is, i took a photo with him in it!!
    Thank you pare!!

  6. Wow, that top pic is retro perfection. Everything about it. The outfit, your pose, the composition, the glare from the window… right down to the cig (hate the smell of them, but they still look cool as hell in the right hands). Most impressive!

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