Speaking of Drunk People…

Written By bryanboy

Speaking of Drunk People…

Took this video last night after trying to find a place to eat in Paris at 2AM. My friend didn’t want to go to my tried-and-tested, favourite late night restaurant, Au Pied de Cochon, so we ended up at this tourist trap of a restaurant in Champs Elysees.

Know of restaurants in Paris that are still open very late at night (as in 1AM onwards)? Give me a shout…


  1. Grace White

    its 3.30 am and you r wearing sunglasses? r u kidding me BB.
    beyond boring…

  2. Bryanboy, you should know there are a loooot of places in Paris where you can eat until late.. By late I mean until 4:30 am. But you will have to pay the price.. For example there is the Mabillon, in St Germain des Prés, or the Cafe des Officiers, at Ecole Militaire. There you can have a hamburger or steak tartare after a long night..
    Have fun in Paris ! x

  3. hi bb. just wanna know your take on john galliano’s mishap with dior?

  4. Happyjerome

    For late dinner have you ever tried La Coupole in Montparnasse district ? LVoe your blog by the way !
    Jerome in Paris

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