Let’s Fold Scarves

Written By bryanboy

Remember Lisa Kudrow’s closing line in the movie (which, btw, is my favourite film of ALL time) Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion? Let’s fold scarves! This amazing, treasure of a place called ‘Herr Judit‘ in Stockholm has a major scarf situation. They have a box inside the store with hundreds of scarves in every imaginable colour and pattern possible. Pick any three for 200 Swedish Kronor – roughly about US$35.

Vintage men's scarves from Herr Judit Stockholm
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picture of orange vintage scarf
photo of Abstract print scarcf
teddy bear pattern print on a scarf
vintage scarf
maple leaf print scarf


  1. And yes I know Romy nad Michelle High SChool Reunion. With Mira and Lisa LMAO best ever. I loved that part when they had their store. Also the dance part is still a classic. I cant get over the part where the girl that works at vogue has that gorgeous white pantsuit. Gush!

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