1. Are these taken with the camera you wish was better? I think it’s a fantastic camera and you look great

    1. bryanboy Post author

      hiya! yep. it really is a cardigan in this super bright fluoro yellow. the buttons are hidden inside the trench ;-)

  2. Philippe Henault Racine

    I love the new skins of your website. Your so my role model :)

  3. Hi Bryan! Maybe I’m a little bit late: the new layout is the best! Love to see your photo’s in this big size. Great job by your webdesigner and you ofcourse. xx Leonie

  4. what is there not to love, it is so interesting. it looks simple; but it is phenomenal. the way you are wearing that neon sweater is simple genius. I love the gloves and the black coat. the brooch is the finishing touch and makes everything less serious. what a simple detail can do.

  5. oh, i the cardigan in your new posts. it’s such a beutiful yellow color!
    where did you find it @ H&M? in the ordinary range or trend? :)

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