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Written By bryanboy

Many of you have been complimenting my new Twitter profile photo. Here are several other images from that day. My boyfriend took them during our trip to Boston in January for the New Year. It was frigid that afternoon…

Bryanboy in Dolce & Gabbana fur jacket
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Black Dolce & Gabbana fur coat
Dolce & Gabbana fox fur jacket in Boston
Bryanboy in Boston wearing Dolce & Gabbana
Vintage hat, sunglasses from Karen Walker, vintage shirt, custom-made polka dot top, Dolce & Gabbana fox fur jacket, Chanel bag


  1. id like to thank you personally for bringing you taste level to boston.. you stopped by my store(the one with balmain).. and i appreciate and respect anyone who wont allow boston’s repressioncnot to dictate how they want to to dress

  2. Wklyfashion

    @Andy the glasses are from Karen Walker “The Butler”.Love this pics <3 bryan weeklyfashionblog.blogspot.com

  3. i gotta sya these photos are the best that you’ve looked so far! YOU LOOK SO YOUNG and FRESH! Dang!

  4. I think the boyfriend really loves you. He just knows how to shoot the perfect portraits for you. :)

  5. so many interesting fabrics, prints and textures. all so fabulously combined. I love a man who wears a bow, makes it stylish. the dots look so amazing with the fur, don’t know why but it is just a phenomenal combination.

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