Doctor Galt

Written By bryanboy

A friend of mine gifted me the Galt Doctor’s bag two months ago and I’m totally loving it. I’ve been obsessing over Galt for quite some time now. I love how their bags are unisex, look functional and best of all, the exteriors don’t have visible branding which makes them discreet and very chic!

Bryanboy carrying a black doctor's bag by Galt bags.
Galt bag
My Doctor’s bag is very spacious and very lightweight. The leather is soft, supple and scratch-proof. The craftmanship is incredible. According to their website, Galt bags are individually hand-made in Italy.


  1. Okay, i wasn’t sure about the outfit when i saw it on twitter, but i must say. now that i see the total look, i love it. the combination with the black is phenomenal. the different layers look so interesting together and i love the leather touch of the jacket. the bag is black and beautiful, it is a big classic shape so it will never go out of style. love the shape, it is not the classic speedy shape, and it doesn’t look like luggage. hope you had a wonderful sunday

  2. Oh! did you forget to write what and who you were wearing or did you just decided not to say it? Nice bag!!! I would love to have that bag. :))

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