I can’t believe I’m saying this but I can’t wait for warmer temperatures. I’m tired of having dry hands, dry feet, dry lips, everything. It’s supposed to be spring but it snowed again last night!

Bryanboy's Color Blocking Story. March 2011.
I found this super bright yellow cardigan at H&M the other day and I thought it would be nice to wear it with my red Rag & Bone jeans that I got from Barney’s last month. Pair it off with the Tod’s shoes and my green vintage hat voila, you’ve got a colour blocking story right there.

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vintage hat, h&m cardigan, rag & bone jeans, tod's shoes, March 2011
Bryanboy Colour Blocking story March 2011
Bryanboy Color Block March 2011
bryanboy in Stockholm, color blocking photo.
Color Blocking green, yellow, red, blue
Vintage hat, cardigan by H&M, jeans by Rag & Bone, shoes by Tod’s

Don’t be fooled by the pictures. I sometimes have to suffer in order to make a point or a blog entry on my blog. Believe me, it’s still freezing in Stockholm. Check out the people behind me.

Whatever you put on your bodies this season, colour-blocking or not, follow my lead — I always take the sunshine with me wherever I go.

Just saying.