Backstage at Versace Fall Winter 2011: Lindsey Wixson

Written By bryanboy

Backstage at Versace Fall Winter 2011: Lindsey Wixson

Lovely chatting to Lindsey Wixson backstage at Versace. She’s one of my favourite models of the moment. She’s major!

Versace gave a few of us bloggers flip cams to take footage at the show. I was the only blogger backstage. I almost got kicked out until one of the Italian PR ladies saved me. In any case, I have tons of clips here. I hope my internet connection cooperates with me.


  1. Lindsey Wixon is so pretty she doesn’t even look real, like a very high fashion Jessica Rabbit (sans red hair and hourglass figure, of course). Well done with snagging a quick interview backstage! I’m always more interested in the energy behind the scenes, sometimes it’s the undone and ‘flawed’ side of things that is more interesting

  2. oh you can almost feel the stress. There is so much going on around you, but you have to focus on that gorgeous model. You did a fabulous job, love to see this because I have never been (backstage) at a fashion show.

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