You Wish You Were Here, I Wish I Was There

Written By bryanboy

You Wish You Were Here, I Wish I Was There

It's two in the afternoon and I've spent the whole day so far cocooned in my hotel room, working. Just took a quick video of Copacabana beach from my room.

I wish I was there but I don't want to go to the beach alone. You know them Brazilians. They have amazing bodies. Am I willing to suffer the humiliation of being surrounded by body-conscious, fit, well-oiled, muscular Brazilians? No. HELL NO. I am too self-conscious to go down there looking like a naked petite Asian buddha with my belly! Does spanx make swimsuits? Where's that high-cut, one-piece bikini and Hermes beach towel when I need it?

You may wish you were here in Rio de Janeiro but I wish I was down there at the beach…

I'm gonna go get my haircut now… then it's back to the daily grind for me.


  1. you shouldn’t be ashamed! it’s true that there are lots of people with great bodies in Rio, but it’s also true that there are lots of fat people there! and they GO to the beach! because the other people don’t care if you’re fat, thin or whatever. they’re more focused in have fun, not to look at other people’s belly

  2. don’t be afraid of going to the brazilian beaches! i’m brazilian and i know that you dont need to have a great body to go to the beach, there is no dress code or body type at this place, go and enjoy it! xxxo

  3. You will regret this later on….. While most of us are stuck in the cold weather, you have the luxury to go swimming with the sharks. Just go for it!

  4. I agree with Julia- one of my favorite things about Brazilians is that so long as you own, act confident and love your body, so will they. For Brazilians it is an much about attitude as it is about physic and aesthetic. I definitely don’t have the best body, but when I’m in Brazil I forget all my silly North American self-consciousness, and I play on the beach in my string bikini – chubby belly, cottage cheese and all. Não importa, amigo.

  5. Hello!!! Are you comming to Fashion Rio today, again?? I would like to interview you for a fashion site, here in Rio/Brazil Thanks, Diana Monteiro (
    Ps: You looked awesome yesterday!!

  6. hey do not be afraid to go there, copacabana is beautiful and you also commented on the previous post that I can not accept you are in Brazil but I do not know you could then ask you enjoy this wonderful city that is Rio, love U

    by: Guilherme

  7. hey don´t afraid , you should enjoy , Rio is amazing and you too , I´m from brazil , but i can´t go ate Rio becouse i live in goiania , but someday I wiill meet you I love you



  9. hey dom´t afraid , Enjoy RIo , it´s a amazing place and you is a amazing boy , I love you

    P.S.: Im sad you is in Rio and I im goiânia OMG I want meet you Ilove u

  10. just enjoy your life and have an amazing time at the beach… don’t think just do it for god sake! geez!

  11. I really wish I was there and You really should get into the ocean!! :D

    Kiss from Portugal,

  12. I love you Bryan! When did you plan a trip to Portugal during Our Fashion Weeks (Moda Lisboa or Portugal Fashion)!? I would be so glad to see you here, you are the one that I could call “celebrity fashion blogger” xoxo Hugs! Sunshine In Ipanema…Enjoy Rio!;)

  13. The gay point in Ipanema beach is in front of Farme de Amoedo street, go there!, there´s no shame about being yourself, baby. I can take you there if you want it.

  14. Yum Huynh

    Naked petite Asian budhha… HAHAHA
    Love reading your writings.
    Can’t wait to see your new haircut!

  15. Nadja Peroni

    I’m new here in your blog, just read this post and I really feel the urge to contest. As a Brazilian, I have to warn you: We don’t really give this kind of attention to body fitness at the beach. Sure, in Rio, almost everyone looks fantastic, but, you can always see someone who’s not that good looking, and we don’t even care. Jus relax, go down to the beach, enjoy it.
    pd: Here in Chile the people seems to have the same problem as you…

  16. I know exactly how you feel. Im too scared to wear a bikini because i dont like my body but it seems like there arent many people on that beach so you should just go for it. PLUS nobody there knows who you are and they will forget all about you 5min later.
    And just lie down, your so-called-belly will be flat if lying down!!! ENJOY, have fun, don’t stay in your bedroom and dream about the beach and just go go go enjoy :)

  17. You don’t need to be self conscious about your body! Brazilian beaches are a very democratic place and Brazilians are a very receptive people! You should enjoy yourself!

  18. Just go for it, boy! You’ll see all tipes of bodies down there and you’ll feel great about youreslf. Here is the place were you can relax, not feel worried!
    And by the way, thanks a lot for ther GREAT 5 tips you gave for new bloggers yesterday. We’ll post your video soon!

  19. really? Brazil has so much kidns of body that say that all the bodies are wonderful is one of the biggest lies of Brazil

  20. Nothingtoadd

    You people are crazy! Bryan is right. I am Brazilian and overweight and find going to the beach here to be a horrible experience! Brazilians care more about weight than Americans and I should know it because I lived in San Francisco for two years.

  21. deolanda

    Realmente o povo brasileiro tem fama de malhar muito para poder aparecer sempre em forma principalmente no verão. Mais isso não e uma regra. Tem muita gente aqui no Brasil que não se preocupa com esse tipo de coisa e vai a praia ou na piscina na maior naturalidade. Alias padrão e uma coisa que não existe aqui no Brasil e em nenhum lugar no mundo. Cada um e cada um com sua beleza e particularidade. VIVA A DIFERENÇA!!!!!!!

    Actually the Brazilian people have a reputation for working out a lot to be able to always appear in the form mainly in summer. But this not a rule. There are many people here in Brazil that does not care about that sort of thing and go to the beach or pool in the most natural. Alias standard and something that does not exist here in Brazil and anywhere in the world. Each and every one with its beauty and individuality. LONG LIVE THE DIFFERENCE !!!!!!!

    Deolanda (Dell) Varginha – Minas Gerais – Brazil

  22. Oh my God!
    You are just the cutest thing for saying that. Our men are really hot, but they won’t say a thing to you if you show confidence, and you will, because you’re awesome.
    I really like your blog and I was so happy when you said you were coming. It’s a shame I didn’t see you at Fashion Rio.
    Next time, I guess!

  23. You are so damm right. Just can’t stand being surrounded by SUCH GREAT MUSCLELICIOUS BODIES. Not good for my mind. Avoid it.

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