Union Oyster House, Boston

Written By bryanboy

Union Oyster House, Boston

I find my carnivore of a boyfriend’s personal food mantra fascinating: if he has to fight with his food (pretty much anything that goes beyond slicing with a knife/picking up with a fork), he doesn’t want it. Case in point — his idea of a regular, fail-safe meal: entrecote. With that being said, it’s a good thing he’s very open to trying new culinary delights otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I were to restrict to his usual meat-rich, dietary preferences.  Y’all know me… I like to have a bit of a balance from all food groups: meat, vegetables, carbs, seafood, etc.

Bryanboy eating oysters at Union Oyster House, Boston

Speaking of seafood, a trip to this part of the USA (aka New England) wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to its glorious seafood — oysters, clams, lobsters, etc. We’ve been eyeing this place called “Union Oyster House” (after passing by it almost every day) so we went there yesterday for lunch.

Click click click!

We started off with a dozen oysters, followed by clam chowder. We shared fried calamari as well as a medium lobster. Again, the bf didn’t want to “fight” for his food so our lobster came prepared, cooked with breadcrumbs and some sauce, served with fries and this insane cup of melted butter which I avoided at all costs. I almost got a heart attack just by looking at it.

Union Oyster House Boston

Oysters at Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston

Clam Chower at Union Oyster House Boston

Lobster and Melted Butter at Union Oyster House Boston

Fried Calamari Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston is a national historic landmark.

Lobster tank at Union Oyster House Boston

Lobsters at Union Oyster House Boston

Criminal Violation to serve alcohol to under 21.

Union Oyster House Boston

Union Oyster House Boston

Bryanboy at Union Oyster House Boston

State and Lake rabbit fur hat, sunglasses from Karen Walker, oversized cardigan from Diane von Furstenburg, sweater, t-shirt and jeans from Uniqlo, vintage scarf, fingerless gloves from Marc by Marc Jacobs, bag from Emilio Pucci, boots from Burberry Prorsum.

That’s all!


  1. I can understand your boyfriend’s concern, no one wants to look clumsy eating food when they’re out, fighting food is the right way to describe it. One needs to practice a lot, otherwise it can be so awkward.

  2. Being from Boston and living in the Back Bay on Newbury Street. And also reading your blog fairly often, it feels kind of odd and exciting that you are seeing the things I have seen every day for years.
    Union Oyster house is a staple and a place I have gone to with my grandparents since birth!

  3. Bryanboy, how much longer are you in Boston for? Want to come to the Museum of Science [where I work?]. I’ll get you and the bf Omni tickets <3
    Exciting that you're here! I'm glad you've been loving our little city :)
    PS- Get him a donut already!

  4. yumss i love oysters and you look faboosh eating them!!!!

  5. Gre Prep Courses

    Oh wow! Yummy sea food is the best food of all! Hmm yummy! Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. love the warning sign for being underage, thats intense. My boyfriend is the same way as yours lol. Your outfit is awesome (as it is all the time).

  7. It’s amazing how cheap Oysters are here in the Philippines and it’s super expensive there especially in UK

  8. “fingerless gloves from Marc by Marc Jacobs”
    Have the same gloves. I love them.

  9. Sir Darby

    Amazing fashion sense! So I gather you are also blind? Why else would anyone where dark shades indoors? In most countries it is considered quite rude to not be able to see a persons’ eyes when communicating.
    I am sure you have a good reason. Eye infection? Sty? Pink eye?

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