Karen Walker Butler Sunglasses

Written By bryanboy

Karen Walker Butler Sunglasses

Remember my poor Marc Jacobs sunglasses that I've lost in Singapore last year? Y'all know how I love and adore enormous sunglasses so imagine my delight when these Karen Walker "Butler" sunnies arrived a few days ago. I bought them from Shopbop just before Christmas.

Bryanboy Karen Walker Sunglasses

Bryanboy Karen Walker Sunglasses

Karen Walker sunglasses, Uniqlo shirt, Uniqlo sweater, vintage bow tie, Kenzo coat

Karen Walker makes excellent sunglasses. I love my pair!


  1. What camera do you use? I’m really curios as the resolution is amazing? Currently, shopping for one :). thanks and happy new year Bryan!

  2. You look so fierce!!! I love Karen Walker sunnies! I’m trying to decide between the Rover and the Hector but after seeing yours I’m going for the Hector!

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