Can’t Please Everybody, Can’t Know It All

Written By bryanboy

Can't Please Everybody, Can't Know It All

Greetings from cloudy Rio de Janeiro!

My first day at Fashion Rio was quite the spectacle. Brazilians are some of the friendliest, warmest and cheerful people in the world! People fawned over me like a new addition, the bizarre act, to the circus. It was an honor meeting some of my Brazilian readers and followers. As you know, interacting with my readers has always been a personal pleasure of mine. Up to this day, I am still fascinated how I have readers in this part of the world. It was very worrying when some of them were shaking or were extremely nervous when they approach me or ask to get take my photo. Please, my friends, please don't be nervous. It's just good ol' me!

I gave a number of interviews both to some members of the press as well as fellow bloggers. The most frequently asked question has got to be "what are your expectations during Fashion Rio or what are your expectations on Brazilian designers?"

I answered as truthful as I can. I told them I want to be surprised. I don't really have any any expectations whatsoever as my knowledge of Brazilian fashion is (aside from Alexandre Herchcovitch, Rosa Cha and Melissa Shoes),to put it blunt, absolutely limited. It would be unfair for me to apply the same expectations I have on the usual American, French or Italian brands to an emerging industry such as the Brazilians. It would also be unfair if I gave myself an immediate crash course on Brazilian brands by googling them a few days before I went here only to give a half-baked, mediocre answer for "good PR"  purposes. Rather than "walking the walk, talking the talk", it's best to just go and learn about Brazilian brands as I see encounter them in person. I always find discovering things on your own as the best way to educate oneself. One cannot and should not make a concrete opinion without being fully informed.

While it's all rainbows and unicorns on the outside, I have a feeling not everyone seemed to be happy with my answers. I've seen a few jaws drop. A few faces eve lit fake smiles. It's a personal mind game of mine to guess what's inside their head while they ask me the next question. I'll never forget the time when I went to Berlin last year. I approached this Filipino guy outside a club. I told him I love his necklace and I was wondering where it was from. He then haughtily replied "how come you don't know it? you're a fashion blogger! you should know these things. I could do a better job than you!"


Why do bloggers have this ridiculous pressure (or expectation) to know "everything"?

I don't know about you but to me, as simple and as pure as it is, the element of surprise is what makes fashion fun and exciting.

Last summer in Florence over lunch, my beloved (and fellow blogger) Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes explained to me why she took out the commenting function on her blog. What she told me somehow reminded me of what I learned during breakfast earlier: when it comes to dealing with people, you should never talk to them in their language. Once you do, you're giving them the upper hand.

I'll leave it up to you, in your own language, to interpret that. Surprise me.


  1. Gabriela

    Thats rigth, i don’t know why people think that because you work with something you have to know everything about it! of course that you always have to wanna know more..but you don’t have to be a genius on it!
    liking Brasil?

  2. Thereza Chammas é coisa nossa! Blogueira da melhor qualidade! Colhendo os frutos que plantou mto bem, sou fã né gente. ahahaha.

  3. I personally don’t own any fashion blog or anything of that matter but I like your sense of humor (twitter!) and understand where you are coming from. The expectations when you reach a “level” in any profession are incredibly high and most of the time quite unreallistic. I hope that once you’ve finished watching the fashion shows in Brazil you can give us useful (and real) comments about what you thought of the brands and the shaping of the clothes, rather than just saying some random stuff just because people expect you to.
    Cheers from Brazil!

  4. Hi Bryan, I believe this is my first comment on your blog, although I’ve read it for some time now.
    As a brazilian/brit living in Brazil for most of my life, I totally imagined all those jaw-drops you mentioned. We brazilians have the terrible habit of putting ourselves down all the time, but we are also very proud people. (dangerous mix) When people visit from abroad, be it a famous musician or a world renowned fashion blogger such as yourself, we want to hear them say how beautiful our country is and how amazing the fashion scene is, because if so-and-so are saying it, then it must be true. See where I’m getting at? But I think you approach is definetely the best one. It would be “fake” to do a quick research right before coming just to have the “right” answers at the tip of the tongue, and finding out for yourself is defintely the way to go. Because in the end of the week, I want to come back and read your honest opinion about everything! Thats why I keep coming back – thats why EVERYONE keeps coming back.
    Anyway, hope you have a fab time over here!

  5. Hey Bryan!! It`s me on the picture! I`m sad we didn`t have enough time to talk, you had to go running lol…and we couldn`t tell you our links.
    My blog is, and the blond girl is Thereza Chammas, You are in both our blogs today hun?!
    It was nice meeting you and finding out that you`re such a great lovely person.

  6. Hi Bryan! This post raised such a good point that I feel at some point in time all bloggers find themselves asking. When reviewing or interviewing, do you answer absolutely truthful yet tastefully, or do you want “good PR” and continued invitations and coverage. I’ve questioned this in recent collaborations, when the actual idea of something maybe be exquisite but the actual quality and execution maybe overlooked. And have in special cases found it most beneficial, to just give the information and let readers and public decide for themselves.
    Great post

  7. Daanvanvliet

    Hey Bryanboy,
    Je bent gewoon super bezig. Laat je niet kleineren door andere mensen. Een taal is misschien een barriere maar emoties hebben we allemaal. Tuurlijk heb je wel eens mindere dagen maar die zijn altijd klein vergeleken bij de rest. Gewoon door gaan zoals je bent en blijf de Good old self ;-) Hopelijk heb je nog eens een keer een stop op schiphol en kunnen we rennen door de gangen als kleine kinderen haha.
    Veel plezier in Rio!
    Your twitterfriend,

  8. gabriela

    Bryan, I love u your posts, pics, style. tks to be so open minded about Brazilian fashion, I hope u like it and write about your opinions. enjoy your stay

  9. OMG, I love Thereza Chammas! Her blog is one of the most popular in Brazil! You’re so lucky to meet all those special people, Brian :) Hope you enjoy your stay!

  10. francisco

    honest and pure simples…… u’re the best babz! have fun in brazil and don’t worry about the muscle boys at the best….. u may not have the body but your damn FABULOUS!
    arrasa menino!!!

  11. It was my pleasure to meet you yesterday. I hope you’re enjoying Rio! Let me say that here is much more than Fashion… i hope your people here shows you all the coolest things in the town that you’ve seen that is wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the t-shirt from HOLIC, my brand that debuted at Fashion Rio this year! You’re such an inspiration …

  12. welcome to brazil Bryan i’m a fashion blogger and read your blog a times. Sorry form me english…
    Enjoy the brazilian fashion…



  13. I hope I wasn’t one of the jaw-dropping faces – cause I was actually pretty impressed with all you’ve told me! :)
    First, you’re LOVELY and for that reason alone people should be thankful and respectful of that. There are loads of Brazilian “famous” fashion people who treat you like crap once you approach them. Press or no press, they’re as bad. Furthermore, I’ve always appreciated your honesty – I like to read your stuff because you are one of a very few who says “I didn’t like it”. And you have this engaging personality, so I’d say it’s impossible not to love you! :)
    And second, if you wanna go to the beach, I’ll go with you and show my cellulite to the world while you show your kick ass and lovely skinny frame – then you’ll see not all Brazilian bods are hot as you think! Lol!

  14. BB! How DARE that guy from Berlin tell you he can do your job better and be a fashion bloger! That guy cant wear the most beautiful haute outfit on top of a spitting camel and make it look chic can he! I agree there should always be an element of surprise in ones fashion. Not everything needs to be known.
    BB I can only asprire to be like you, BUT there is only one you.
    Love you always

  15. As a avid reader of blogs i find Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoe comment rude. i have read Jane’s blog on a few occasions and have found it snobby. jane seems to have delusions of grandeur about exactly how fabulous her and her mother actually are. Sure, she has the affordability to buy clothes and can pull together a nice outfit occasionally but whet she seems to be lacking in her fashion journalism is likeability and although she may have this in person (i don’t know her) this doesn’t translate well into words.
    My problem with some blogs is the pretentiousness and the inability to take criticism from readers. I have commented on a few blogs my view of a picture or outfit and the comments haven’t been posted due, but when i praise another its posted in al her glory.

  16. Holy Cow. I just love it when people are honest.
    That was one of the most open, frank, candid posts I’ve ever seen a foreign blogger write about Brazil/Fashion/Fashion Events.
    Bryan, I just really love your work, and as a fellow blogger, all I can say is that you and Miss Aldridge are right. Dealing with readers is a very delicate issue. That’s why meeting them in person is so much better!
    Hope you like what you see here. Really looking forward to your take on our fashion industry!
    Bem vindo ao Brasil :)

  17. I commented in you twitter account that you just have to visit chile, then i realize that you really dont have how many readers you have in latin america. Look as ourselves as you see asian ppl. I think its the same direction and feeling, if you know what i want to mean.
    both, asian and latin ppl try to simulate the european/american fashion (that is a FACT) so, my little advice to you: try to connect more with ppl from here and asia, we have the same feeling bout fashion.
    Greetings and luck, from Chile.
    ps: sorry for the bad english, im very amateur in it

  18. I think you did the perfect thing. Rio isn’t currently one of the power capitals of fashion and most people don’t know many Brazilian designers which is why you will have been invited to go; so you can broadcast and educate other fashion lovers. Ignore the idiots your honesty is what connects you to your readers.
    I hope you bitch slapped the Filipino guy or at least gave him the New York look down and turned on your heel.

  19. Don’t let other people talk you down. I think you’re amazing and lots of people with me do. I mean, just check the comments on this page alone. Anyway, just keep up the good work, I love your blog!
    PS: I hope you’re not thinking about deleting the comment-option on your blog.

  20. Juliana Lopes

    Hi Isadora, Im brazilian too, working with fashion in Milan. I’d appreciate your way to see brazilian people, but even Bryan is like this, with an ego waiting to be inflate. On the right side of this blog you can see the “Love is an addictive drug” session. “Inflate my ego”, he asks. Human beings.

  21. Dear BB, I’m glad that the pressure and expectations of the industry have not gotten you; I love you for your honesty and your curiosity, your willingness to say what you think. Please keep doing what you do so amazingly.

  22. Bryan I always admire you ! you are an inspiration for me! you are so honest and this post show a lot who you really are
    love your blog
    visit Montreal please!!!!!!

  23. I know it’s so sad that Jane had to take out the comments function on her blog and Tommy Ton from Jak and Jil in a not so distant past had to put up a post asking people to mind their (negative ) comments on his blog. I mean really if you’re gonna take out your anger please don’t insult and TOTALLY disrespect people; besides these negative things usually come from peoples insecurities (these insecurities being settled into their personalities by our overly critical society) and jealous feelings . I think that we should let people express them selves FREELY and I honestly admire people who NO MATTER WHAT (nasty looks or stupid comments) embrace their dressing as lifestyle and wear things that cross the boundaries of what the everyday outfit is (especially those who live in small towns or cities where being eccentric is looked down upon [once I wore a flower crown Louise Ebel of Pandora style in Sao Paulo my hometown I almost cried because of all the nasty shit I heard If I had dressed like a hooker every one would have commented on how fucking hot I looked}). So I whole heatedly THANK YOU for being who you are NO MATTER WHAT and for doing WHAT YOU LOVE and for NOT BEING ASHAMED TO BUT IT OUT THERE.
    on matter number 2 (being the fashion blogger:
    I know it’s totally weird how if you’re into fashion people totally think that you’re a fabulously dressed fashion Wikipedia on five inch heeled legs. Holler I’m human therefore I don’t have the encyclopedia Britannica of la mode in my bee hived head baby!
    ON the BRASIL FACTOR (Brasil with an s not a z but you say with a z sound [trust me I’m a Native of Carmen Miranda Land]):
    Don’t mind if we sound totally “Oh My you don’t know what DasLu is???” we just love – no LOVE when people brag about us (oh your sexy ,gorgeous ,caipirinha,fabulous models blah blah blah) we LOVE that stuff. And the Brasilian designer you do know is a total congrats factor because those three are our holy fashion grail. And I like it how honest you are that you didn’t do last minute googling that’s great then you have no expectations and you just sit back relax and enjoy and create you’re own opinions without being influenced by whatever’s out there.

  24. well said!! some bloggers can be a total nuisance, but they gotta remember it’s up to the public for them to become who ”known”. I like the fact that you took pics and seemed very nice to your readers, because that’s the way one has to be. Be nice to everyone, but always be honest.

  25. Are you telling the truth about this necklace thing? It is a bit insulting though if it is. I my arrogant opinion, i’d rather you keep this to yourself. The crab mentality is not just apparent between you and the Filipino guy but utterly, the nationality between you and amongst those who follow you holding the same passport.

    Elated you are, but keep your feet on the ground. Nonetheless, you are dazzling and beautiful! Like me!

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