Merry Cray Cray To All Of You!

Written By bryanboy

Merry Cray Cray To All Of You!

My BF and two of his hags have an annual 'morning walk' tradition on Christmas Eve. I've decided to join them to Flottsbro (me and the BF went here two months ago) and it was fun. 

What is more fun though is when I stripped down to my boxers to take these shots to pay tribute to Karlie. Gotta love Karlie Koss!

Bryanboy at Flottsbro naked

Bryanboy at Flottsbro naked

Its -16 degrees celsius out… I don't know how it feels with the windchill but all I know is damn, it's cold outside.

Time to make chicken noodle soup!


  1. OMG i get frozen when i see u like this,brrrrr cold!!!:Dlol
    Merry Christmas,i wish u all the best and to continue to rock with your blog like u did until now!!!;)

  2. My teeth are chattering just by looking at these pictures… It’s really cold out there! What were you thinking???

  3. Loves it!!! Love the snow, did you guys have orgy after the shoot! Lol

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