How Do You Feel About Public Speaking?

Written By bryanboy

How Do You Feel About Public Speaking?

A friend forwarded me this video of me speaking at the recent Independent Fashion Bloggers conference in New York last September. This is the 2nd time I spoke in front of a big audience (aka hundreds of bloggers) so naturally, I was nervous as fuck.

I'm surprised how I was able to wing it because I didn't have anything prepared. I wrote my notes minutes before I went to the stage!


  1. Just to echo what I said on Twitter, you did an amazing job. It was natural and not over-the-top. Sometimes, the shortest preparations equal the best speeches.

  2. I’ve actually gotten used to talking/performing in public. It’s just so normal to me. You sounded so used to it and natural when you were talking. What comes out from your heart will always come out perfect once it’s time to present it.

  3. So upset I couldn’t be here for this. Work sucks =(
    I think it’s amazing that you can be so honest about who you are, where you came from, and what you like – no pretending, no trying to be someone you’re not. It’s inspiring! The world is yours if you just go grab it, and you are living proof in the flesh that dreams do come true.
    Thank you.
    <3 Jinna

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