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Bryanboy for Vogue Nippon February 2011

February next year is gonna be an interesting month for me, magazine-wise. I was shot for the cover for a Singaporean fashion magazine a few weeks ago — I can't wait for you to see the end result. It's a MASSIVE surprise and you'll be shocked.

Meanwhile, I took part at a shoot for the amazing folks at Vogue Nippon last year and now their February 2011 issue (Karen Elson in Prada cover) is out. Here's my double page spread for their editorial called "Bloggers Beat".

Karen Elson for Vogue Nippon cover February 2011

Bryanboy for Vogue Nippon February 2011

Speaking of Japan, I'm currently stranded at Tokyo Narita airport and I'm just passing time at the lounge. My connecting flight has been delayed. Wish me luck. I can't wait to go to my next destination.


  1. First: SOSYAL (but you’ve always been). But this elevates the ka-sosyalan to another level.

    Second: A lot of bloggers are so proud you. You’re one of the best proofs that sheer talent can break through the bureaucracies and politics of the old media. That truth and opinion can exist beyond what magazines say, magazines have to listen themselves to you.

    Third: Of course a lot of Pinoys are hella proud of you. According to Rizal, Genius has no race, and you are adding proof to that.

    Cheers to you in 2011! More “I-kid-you’s” and more Bang!

    Lots of love and joy.

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