Boston Sunset

Written By bryanboy

Boston Sunset

When we went to Paris back in July, me and the boyfriend would often watch the sunset at our favourite spot at the river Seine, overlooking Notre Dame, with a bottle of rosé. Here in Boston, our view from our room on the 18th floor of our hotel was magnificent. I took this candid shot of the boyfriend as he attempted to open the bottle of zinfandel our hotel sent us.

I love this feeling of being in love.

I must say it's also worrying. Whenever I'm with the bf, my whole world stops. Literally.

It's good for my personal life, however, it's not so good for my business.


  1. Can we have a look at the swedish BF? Hallå svenska pojkvän, visa dig på bild, jag dööör av nyfikenhet! Happy new year!

  2. Hi, I was really surprised that you did not mention the devastating news of Isabella Caro the french model who suffered anorexia and just died, as in previous post have talked about donatella’s daughter with the prblem.
    I ould love for you to look at the post I did.


  3. i love Ur blog! Ur style is amazing!
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  4. Too cute! “Aww’s” all around. If you can’t take breaks from business for some love, then what the hell’s the point of it all? Anyway, happy new year! Hope it’s a great one!

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