Apologies for the Absence

Written By bryanboy

Apologies for the Absence

Time flies so fast! When you have so many things to do, well, you have so many things to do. There’s no other way to twist it. Two weeks of not updating my humble blog is kinda inexcusable but 24 hours a day is not enough especially if you spend a lot of time 38,000 feet up in the air, crossing continents. I’ve been extremely busy that sometimes, blogging feels like a chore. I don’t want to blog for the sake of putting something out there that doesn’t come from the heart. I want my blog entries to be more organic and natural if you know what I mean. Do I live my life to blog or do I blog to live to my life? Hmmm.

Bryanboy in Martin Margiela sweater

Bryanboy in Martin Margiela sweater

Sweater from Margiela (at Lane Crawford), necklace from Fallon, jeans from Helmut Lang, shoes from Finsk, sunglasses from Super

With that being said, blogging will resume shortly. I apologize for my absence.

No, seriously, it will.


  1. I know exactly what you mean by wanting your blogs to be more organic and natural. I think someone should coin the term “blogger’s block”, it’s not that simple finding something new and creative to write about everyday. Your posts are the best though and I love that you’re outside on the balcony of the IFC. Lane Crawford’s Heritage 160? I was working at a non-profit Art’s organization this summer that had sent art representatives for this event (HKYAF)! Must have been amazing, wish I could have been home for that!
    Please come back! We all miss you!!
    Nikki xx

  2. Love the shoes, they look like a pair I’m dying for at Allsaints. I’ve missed you Bryan! xoxo Ella

  3. What a difficult question, Bryan. But I know what you mean…
    This sweater is to die for, btw!

  4. i’m actually following your site and was really worried why you are not posting anything for the past couple of weeks… i’m from the phils.. it’s good to know you are back! :) hope to see more from you… by the way, i love your neclace and the boots are amazing! :)

  5. I have been following you for more than 6 years. I have to say back in those days, your blog was much better, more fun and I can tell you were having fun. Now that you achieved the things you wanted to, see ppl you never dreamt of seeing, the thing (your blog) that you gotten you there at the first place is neglected and I am very sad by it. It’s no longer fun nor funny. But I suppose we cant be selfish and keep on demanding things from you.

  6. nudegayguy

    hey there bryan boy. goodness gracious, you’re handsome!! good thing you’ve already got a boyfriend or i’d sweep you off your feet.

  7. ok, babe, but don’t forget your blog and the news, because this is your best contribuition and your diferencial between anothers ones.
    do the brave,

  8. Hello Mr Boy
    Can i ask you who was the make for the beige platforms you warn at chanel SS 2011?
    I have been trying to track it for a while
    Thank you
    and you look amazing that day

  9. This blog is getting booorring….No excuses for not blogging otherwise call it quits.

  10. i so agree with lala… 90% of your current posts are apologies for not having posted anything in a while… i don’t care that you live your life to blog or blog to live your life, but please bring back the fun… not the sucking up to everyone and everything.

    Love the sweater though…

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