Yoox.com + Dsquared2 Launches Limited Edition Canine Accessories [photos]

Written By bryanboy

Yoox.com + Dsquared2 Launches Limited Edition Canine Accessories

The wonderful folks at Yoox.com & Dsquared2 recently invited me to Los Angeles for the launch of Dsquared2’s limited-edition canine accessories.

Bryanboy and Dan Caten

Click click click!

The event was held at this breathtakingly beautiful Beverly Hills home. I arrived there early for maximum celebrity shoulder-rubbing haha! :-)

Everyone was encouraged to bring their beloved canine best friend so in lieu of my mutt (who’s back in Manila), I brought Chicklet, my friend’s 9-month old French bulldog.

Bryanboy and French Bulldog Chicklet

Check out the Dsquared2 accessories. Amazing eh?

French Bulldog

French Bulldog

After all these years, I’ve finally connected with my business model mentor (just kidding) Paris Hilton who I love so much. Haters to the left.

Paris Hilton and Bryanboy

Paris Hilton and Bryanboy

Paris chatting to Lady Victoria Hervey

Paris and Lady Victoria Hervey

Mischa Barton was present…

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

… same with the flawless Dita von Teese who I saw perform the night before at the Amfar event.

Dita von Teese

Caten Twins with Dita von Teese and Paris Hilton

Dita von Teese, Paris Hilton, Dean and Dan Caten

I wonder who this guy is. I thought he was cute. Y’all know how I have a weakness over tall, rugged, American men. We spoke briefly but I didn’t ask his name. I have a boyfriend, oops.

Jason was there!

Jason Preston

Rumer Willis was super nice and friendly.

Rumer Willis

Overall it was a lovely, intimate and exclusive affair. I love how only celebrities and press were invited to support a good cause. What a great way to spend an afternoon in LA.

Proceeds from the event and from the sale of Dsquared2’s accessories will benefit the Much Love Animal Rescue organization. Click HERE to learn more about Much Love.



  1. spicy101

    u do know that paris doesn’t exactly love asians right? i mean,the girl did use the ‘chink’ word liberally in her stolen home video.

  2. Dita’s outfit would have been better with Paris’ sunglasses. Her dog is so lovely. Is she mysterious-nice or nice-nice?

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