Wait a sec, wouldn't it be like AHHHMAYYZING if I had a sewing machine?

Written By bryanboy

Wait a sec, wouldn't it be like AHHHMAYYZING if I had a sewing machine?

Meet Cecilia Cassini.

Cecilia apparently is the "youngest fashion designer in America."

Mothers, lock your children up! In the words of Patsy Stone, "abort, abort, abort!"

What say you?


  1. While it is AHHHMAYYZING that she’s so talented at such a young age, I would personally be so disappointed with myself if my child was like her. Boo to lost childhood making mudcakes instead of high end fashion pieces.

  2. I’ve heard about her but have never heard her…it’s simply horrific, it’s revolting and disturbing.

  3. it’s a shame that she tries to look like she’s a 20 year old… the way she poses on the pictures on her blog is just unhealthy. go out and play!!! someone should sue her parents for agreeing with her attitude.

  4. wow… that’s just sad, and so are her creations (checked the website). she’s probably some spoiled brat of rich parents who have trained her to be a star since she was born. i see no talent in her.

  5. jesus, i literally thought this interview was a joke to begin with. actually, i’m still kinda hoping it is.

  6. I was going to ask if this was real, but then I saw the website. I love that her nautical collection was called “Boat.” hahah

  7. saw her featured on The Dish. Ten years from now, I hope she regrets her “lost” “youth” a little bit only.

  8. So much bitch in such a small body!
    This is like, a Disney disaster for the fashion world. She doesnt even have a full set of teeth yet and shes got a drawl like Paris Hilton.
    Parent fail.

  9. B.B. Vanderpump

    some one needs to abort this child. SHe sounds like an idiot. No grace, no style, no elegance. First tech her to use the right fork then she can learn how to make a dress.

  10. come on, guys. she’s not different from any other 10-yr old girl. what did you imagine you were when you were 10? a fashion model? take any 10-yr old at ramdom and im sure within 10 minutes something outrageous will come out of her mouth.
    it’s not her fault institutions like tough cookie, fred segal and TV shows pick her up for attention and marketing. she generates news. have E!’s camera in front of you right now and what’s the first line that you will say?

  11. she is stupid, and I don’t like her designs.
    she must play with barbies, not working

  12. God, I listened to her for one minute and I can’t stand her anymore, she’s so obnoxious at such a young age. Seriously someone please take her sewing machine and stuff some Barbies in her mouth to shut her up…

  13. OMG… What an obnoxious child?! Can she sound even more annoying?
    and im not sure if they’re high-end… maybe they call it kids couture. Ugh…

  14. Amanda Fernström

    I could design at that age too. And I still want to be a designer,
    but I want to get a proper education before.
    I don’t like her attitude, she seems like a brat.

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