View From The 21st Floor

Written By bryanboy

View From The 21st Floor

Here's the view from my room.

I attended an internal Marketing seminar earlier today for one of the world's biggest luxury brands. Did a mini-speech/Q&A, all ad-lib.I hope I did well. It was brief and short but fun nonetheless.

Believe it or not, I'm starting to like public speaking. I used to be sooo petrified of babbling in front of a real, live audience… but then again, blogging/twitting is pretty much the same.


  1. omg, gimme that view!
    Last year I had to make presentations in front of my whole group at the university, so I can understand how hard it is to talk to an audeince, but only practice make you better… so congrats!

  2. Ioana Brindusa

    i really love the background song [forever young].It matches perfectly with the view!

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