1. Elbatisto Dieu

    What shoes are the comfortabler between UGG or crocs ? That’s not the right question ! The question is what is not the uglier !

  2. As fuzzy and warm UGGs are… I would never wear them outside the house. They’re like slippers. Big and ugly, but still have the functionality of slippers.
    I vote Crocs for being uglier though, what with their little doo-dads and stick-on rubber things. The only reason they should be in existence are for the sheer purposes of gardening and fly-fishing. They’re like, one of two shoes that really get my goat.

  3. Ugg boots. They have that comfy lining that just melts my feet and makes walking in the city a breeze while staying warm. Crocs are less snug, so my vote are the uggs.

  4. I believe the appropriate answer is “who cares? I wouldn’t be caught dead in either of them.”

    I am ashamed of my country for bringing Uggs to the world. I am so sorry.

  5. I love you guys, you always makes me laugh! And the fact that both you and Rumi always looks brilliant doesn’t make it any worse..

  6. if your feet hurt enoght youll wear some thing that arent painfull with every step no matter what they look like’

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