Prada Fantasy Motionbook Lookbook Fall Winter 2010

Written By bryanboy

Prada Fantasy Motionbook Lookbook Fall Winter 2010

One of the things I love most about Prada is that Miuccia is never afraid to push the envelope. She's one of the very few fashion designers who actually makes you think about their work, not once, not twice, but over and over again. Everything she creates has some form of an intellectual reference. I don't visit official brand websites very often because I find them too static and boring but Prada's web presence is a visual feast. I love her fall/winter 2010 fantasy lookbook and motionbook.



  1. I think this is really cool – If fashion is about artifice and fantasy even more than it is about protecting us from the elements, Prada’s video really pushes it further in that direction. Even you know Bryan Boy – sometimes the outfit doesn’t look as awesome as the photos make it look! This video is a very compelling take on the attitude behind the looks and what is projected in the mind of the wearer to outside observers. “look at me, i sound fierce” you know what i mean?

  2. i really love this, the combination of surrealism with these beautiful pieces really gave me a new outlook on whole collection, Miuccia has done a brilliant job! P.s i am a massive fan of your blog, keep up the good stuff!

  3. Hmm cool, but a little bland for me :)
    Love your blog! Check out my latest post on VFW 2011 and my encounters with some fashion icons!
    Nina xoxo

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