Level 1 Vacuuming Video

Written By bryanboy

Level 1 Vacuuming

I discovered the powers of the vacuum cleaner the other day. I made a mess at my friend’s spare apartment and I thought I’d clean it up. We had all our shit scattered all over the floor and I’m starting to run out of clothes, hence me in a white shirt. The said shirt belonged to my boyfriend but he gave it to me. It’s an old shirt from his days with the Swedish military.

Hysterical, isn’t it?

I don’t know what to angle for… tv show or Bryanboy for Dyson ad campaign? The choice is yours…


  1. Only Bryanboy can make vacuuming fab!! You sucked the life out of that cowhide my dear!

  2. Like vacuuming is that hard to do. seriously you should blog something about others that’s interesting and not about you being naive and vain.

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