Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin x H&M on eBay Already?

THIS is alarming.

Everyone is queueing up in sleeping bags and tents around H&M stores in North America for today's Lanvin x H&M launch.

Lanvin x H&M eBay

Me at the Lanvin x H&M fashion show and private sale event the other day.

What boggles me is how there are a LOT of listings on eBay right now selling Lanvin x H&M goods.

Most of them are photos from lookbooks… it makes me wonder whether these people on the queue are eBay sellers trying to profit from the collaboration rather than genuine Lanvin/H&M fans.

Hmmm. I'd be very wary of buying them to be honest.

But then again, would you queue for hours? It's 4:23AM and in NYC and people have queued since last night!!


  1. I couldn’t get up early enough, as I went to bed at 3am when ppl first started lining up outside the Seattle H&M… but I snagged the t-shirt I wanted for a good price on eBay.

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