Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

Written By bryanboy

Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M T-shirts and Necklaces

Let's compare Lanvin versus Lanvin x H&M. I apologize for the creases in my clothes as I've switched hotels yesterday and had to pack everything in a hurry. Can you guess which one is which?

Lanvin t-shirt and Lanvin necklace

Lanvin x H&M t-shirt and necklace

Both are just as whimsical as each other eh?


  1. First pic is lanvin and the 2nd, Lanvin x H&M. Saw the Lanvin in your twitpic account and the H&M one in the site. Not to mention, the hangers are a give away.

  2. First pic is Lanvin. 2nd one is the Lanvin x H&M. I’ve seen the Lanvin shirt in your twitpic account while the H&M in the H&M site. Not to mention, the hangers are big give-aways. :)

  3. It’s not hard because in the second picture you can see the lanvin x hm tag and hanger.

  4. Well. As an avid supporter of Lanvin, it’s easy to determine which one is and you also made it obvious with the hanger. The first one was from the resort collection 2010 and the second one is obviously the H&M collaboration.
    Do I get a free oreo cookie? *smiles*

  5. both unremarkable… phrases such as money for old rope and the emperors new clothes spring to my mind.

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