Interpreting My Dream

How often do you dream? I’m talking about real dreams (as in the ones you get when you’re asleep) and not goals and aspirations.

Bryanboy at Key Food

Click click click!

I dreamt last night that I visited the boyfriend for a month.

Because he goes to work during weekdays, grocery shopping was my responsibility.

For the most part of my dream, I saw myself go to different supermarkets dressed up in crazy outfits. We’re talking about ridiculous clothes, obscene hair and outrageous shoes etc.

At one point I had a MASSIVE wig on.. it was a hybrid of Marie Antoinette’s wig and a mullet.

There I was doing my business like any supermarket shopper. I browsed aisle after aisle, buying food and sundries.

Then one day, I skipped the supermarkets and opted for a 7-11 type of convenience store instead.

I went to the store wearing some kind of mint green paisley chiffon dress and a leather bra on top of it.

I was on the queue to pay for my items then four guys (complete with cameras, sound whatever, etc) came out of nowhere and started talking to me.

I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I ran away.

They chased me for a few minutes then I lost them near the vicinity of my boyfriend’s apartment.

When I got home, I found him watching TV.

I couldn’t understand what he was watching because it was in Swedish then upon further prying, the show was all about me!

On that episode, they aired me and my mundane exploits at the supermarket in the past month.

It turns out that there were hidden cameras at all the supermarkets I went!

Aside from showing me and what I wore, the show also pointed out and zoomed in where the cameras were placed. It was really creepy.

I just stood there and froze.

I screamed at my boyfriend to turn off the TV but he refused to do anything.

He flashed me a big smile then I saw him point to the ceiling where I saw a small hole and a red light flashing.

It was another camera.

Then I woke up.

Freaky huh?