1. Bryan! can’t believe you don’t know what a velociraptor is! anyway seem you had a great time in NY!

  2. I’m so glad you two are friends, I always wished that, lol, now you two should have a reality show

  3. joshuaguinto@yahoo.com

    “like do not get in the way of a bitch who wants their Lanvin.”
    haha, you are too funny bryan. you totally should get a talk show.

  4. lol, this video is so funny!
    velociraptors are the most fashionable of all dinosaurs bryan! haven’t you seen jurassic park? =P

  5. blackvine

    u’r accent is so exotic..love the way u pronounce hippopotamous..not filipino but not american either???what the hell..

  6. oh wow, so nice to finaly have two role models for how a sane person shouldn’t be like. thanks for that xoxoxoxoxox

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