Going All Out With My Faux Fur

Written By bryanboy

Going All Out With My Faux Fur

I have to express my sincerest gratitude to the wonderful folks at H&M for giving me first dibs into the Lanvin x H&M collection two days before America got theirs and five days before the rest of the world. Although I bought a few pieces (we were limited to seven items!!!) at the private shopping event, I consider myself incredibly lucky. I contemplated queueing when the collection was launched in the US over the weekend but the concept of being in line for hours, many hours, along with rabid shoppers is not really my cup of tea. Some of them were out for blood…

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Click click click!

I wore my loot and walked around NYC on Saturday. It was funny seeing people carrying Lanvin x H&M paper bags. People held them with pride, sort of like a badge of honor. I often looked at the shoppers faces and ended up exchanging smiles with them. No words were uttered… they understood what I understood. It was like being part of a cult.

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Fallon jewelry ring

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

Bryanboy in Lanvin x H&M

I'm not a greedy person. I'm happy with the seven items I bought.


  1. That jacket I know, right! On ebay the prices are ridiculous. Sometimes you may get a deal or pay more than the store.

    The jacket makes me have dreams, the good ones that is.

  2. Oh how I envy you! H&M Europe was offering the Lanvin collaboration online, starting at 7 am. I was, I kid you not, possibly the first person who managed to make it online. There was a massive torrent of people flooding in, and I was able to access it within the first five minutes. Made my selection, clicked the check-out button, and nothing. Did this for the next hour, before I finally got through to customer service. Turns out too many people had logged on so the system had crashed. He assured me though that ‘once things are in your basket, it’s basically like you purchased them’ so I wouldn’t need to worry. He tells me it’ll be around 9:20 before it starts to work again. I run out to the corner shop and return at 8:30, and the site is back up! I hurriedly click the check-out button again and enter all my billing information, all my items still listed as being in my basket. Apparently, though, this does not seem to matter, because EVERYTHING except the clutch is listed as ‘sold out’. Thank you H&M for screwing up my day and making me stress-eat an entire jar of peanut butter, and forcing me to now purchase your wares on eBay at ridiculously jacked up prices.
    Sigh, to be able to be as glamorous as Bryanboy…

  3. Oh that is great! Love the jacket! It looks great on u. Love

  4. I was really lucky that the San Diego store didn’t have mad people that camped out the night before, simply just at 530am, when the store opened at 8. I kid you not though it was still a HUGE shit show and I was SUPER lucky to get the glasses and this jacket.
    Of all the diffusion lines I’ve ever seen, this was by far the best collection and wonderful quality. I was unsure if I could pull of this jacket, but I love it so much, I think i’d wear it to bed, out to eat and grocery shopping :P
    Love your styling of it bb.

  5. Lauren Egen

    You can pull off anything, you style everything beautifully, wow you’re really talented

  6. oh my gawd…you look hot! i know i bought the right Lanvin <3 H&M item after seeing u wear it! x

  7. That t-shirt has already been seen on all the H&M fans, but on you, it takes on another dimension… I love the off-beat, too-much look you give it!

  8. 2 weeks after the release in Tokyo, there were still like 9 pieces of this jacket in H&M Shinjuku. They dropped the prices from $200 to $80 because they wanted to give way to the H&M Holiday collection. I was so lucky to buy myself one. :)

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