Forest Bump

Written By bryanboy

Forest Bump

Yes, I do wear flats from time to time. Sometimes. ;-)

I don't know how you people do it. I know it takes more than sheer willpower and miracles to wear bitch heels day in and day out and it's another thing to have flawless feet. I feel like my feet are so fucking ugly and rough due to my cray cray shoes… I wear socks indoors (and yes, when I'm having sex) to hide myself from embarassment.

I think I'm gonna have a pedicure tomorrow.


  1. you look good in flats thoughhh
    i get you on the ugly feet feet resemble fred flinestone’s on a bad day. must always be hidden.

  2. PatriZia Pepe

    Pedicure 2 times a week is good, too reliable. These photos prelestnye.Osobenno here these ears at golove.Ili it?;)

  3. I’m so glad you’re blogging more often now! & you look absolutely gorg! ;)

  4. Heels are tricky, so I mostly wear flats. Nothing is worse than someone who isn’t comfortable in their own shoes. Pedicures are lovely, you will be addicted. Unless you have ticklish feet because then they’re torturous. Love your blog–super fab!

  5. bathandbodyph

    Can you find the hidden mickey? lol

    I just love to wear what I feel comfortable with! I just had nail art last week. Have you tried it? If not, try it – it’s fun and cool!


  6. omgsh i know what you mean my poor feet have gotten wrecked from shoes but if theyre super amazingg i dont care!
    ps sweet mickey ears
    i love the videos you post! i put up videos too on my blog.. check it out if youd like :)

  7. In this you be looking hot, bad feet or good, no man would say no to you. So take a day off and treat yourself. <3

  8. I absolutely hate my feet. Mostly due to the fact that I work out like an athlete. If I could I would wear socks in the shower. Dropped a 35 pound weight plate on my foot in June and the toenail is still black, but the next day I was running sprints. So pain isn’t an issue, but ugliness, for sure.

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