Finsk Ambassador

Written By bryanboy

Finsk Ambassador

Say hello to the latest addition to my (slowly but surely) growing shoe collection.

Bryanboy's Finsk shoes

The fabulous gals over at Finsk shoes sent me a custom-made, size 41 European, pair, this time in python-embossed leather. Julia Lundsten’s ferociously fierce shoes are shamelessly copied but nothing beats the original.

Bryanboy's Finsk shoes

I can’t wait to wear these on my next travels. I’ve worn my ponyskin Finsk shoes to death. It’s time to put them to retirement.

Many, many thanks to Dannell and Julia!

Finsk shoes are available at Farfetch.


  1. They are cool it’s true :) I would definately wear them!
    XOXO Lidia from “The Girl Behind The Fashion Mask”

  2. Oh, my! Of course I’d love to have a pair of those myself, but I should admit that I’m dying to see you wearing them! Please post pictures soon!

  3. Life’s soooooo not fair… I really want those and there you are having them already.. and no offense but you’re a guy!!.. Although you’ll look hawt in them I am sure!

  4. Ah I love Finsk too! Was thinking of stocking them in my boutique but Melbournian fashionistas are still a little behind…

  5. This is the hottest shoe I’ve ever seen. It has unique style with a wild color combination. I love this shoe so much!

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