Buckle Up

Written By bryanboy

Buckle Up

As soon as you settle into your seat, a flight attendant makes you choose between sparkling wine or orange juice. You take a sip here, you take a sip there, you take off your shoes, you look at the window and stare. This scene is all too familiar to me:

Delta Airlines Business Class

Delta Airlines Business Class

Delta Airlines Business Class

This week has been cray cray for me. I've been dealing with far too many contractual offers and legalese. Big words such as representation, management, multi-media development, direct-to-retail, co-branding, rebranding, brand identity, cookie-cutter, remuneration, etc.

I've had my blog for over six years… six not-so-easy years of building something from scratch. My site is my baby and it's obvious that I want to push it (and myself, of course)  to another level but I don't want to lose control. It's like giving up my child and sending him to "boarding school" in exchange for something.

It's not easy, no, but sometimes, the only option left is to buckle up and let others do their job in order for you and me to takeoff…

Enough about me. What about you?

Where do you want life to take you tomorrow?


  1. i want life to take me around the world and i wasnt to have while i’m there. i guess at the end of the day we all want the same thing, peace of mind and happiness.
    good luck to you and what comes next

  2. you’ve worked hard for what you wanted, and now you have it so don’t be afraid to take what you deserve =)

  3. Stanislas

    It’s weird because i ask myself a lot lately “what do I wan’t for me, for my life?”, I’m 21 and i’m lost, but i’m sure of one thing i love fashion, and bryanboy of course…

  4. you’re young so it’s perfectly ok to be lost ;)
    but here’s my advice: you’re never to young to chase your dreams so go for it!

  5. you’ve done such a great job developing your blog and business , congratulations! The goal for next year is enough sponsorship to travel to NYC fashion week! :) a trip to europe with my bo’ and the continuance of styling gigs in Los Angeles but this year w/ an agent (very close)
    Have a great thanksgiving, even though your not in the states – you’ll be in my prayers and to the world u 2!

  6. i admire that you make a point to say that it hasnt been easy & respect that you recognize difficulties & fears of losing control. you in particular, have become a posterchild for bloggers & have allowed the fashion blogosphere to gain much more respect than ever before. outsiders tend to look at you & think that it has been easy. great post, i love the breaks in reality in this surreal life that you seemingly lead. best of luck to you, even more, in the new year.

  7. I would like life to take me on a flight where I’m offered sparkling wine! For me the only choice they’ve ever offered has been water or Coke products :(

  8. I like my life for the moment but as you said I want to push myself and my blog in order to grow in a more professional level…
    As a good saying says Dont Worry Life Has a Destiny Just Let Yourself Go and It Will Find Its Way Around :)
    Take care honey,
    Good luck with your plans :)

  9. Only you can know what’s right for your life and this blog. As for my own life I want my 3 little boys to continue to prosper and i’d love for my japanese fashion blog to continue on the ascent as i love doing it and it allows me to be a stay at home mom and i love showing people how great japanese fashion is :) You and Rumi are a great source of inspiration :)

  10. i love you bryanboy! you are such a fabulous inspiration! i am proud that you are also Filipino! you are amazing!

  11. Discovered you recently. You sound really like a nice guy above the creativity. It’s great to be successful like that. I can understand you want to keep the control over your work. I’m a control freak myself. And you don’t want to scacrifice your creation. You are right, money is not everything. Do whatever feels good and comfortable, that’s your inner guide telling you what is good for you.
    As for me, I’d like people to appreciate my creations, whether it’s my movies or my blog. It’s hard to get out of the pack. And I’d like life to take me to LA because there’s nothing like waking up nearly every morning with a blue sky and sunshine.

  12. I agree with Andrea you should totally do whatever it feels good and comfortable for you..you are a very talented person that obviously fighted for his passion for fashion and you wanna keep the control over your work..that´s totally acceptable and i understand it.
    I want life to take me to New York or Paris fashion week.i am a brand new blogger i always loved fashion and designers,loved haute couture,patterns,colors,fashion photography but never dared to fight for it! now i FIGHT FOR IT..i started my very own blog and i will start fashion styling classes too(i am currently saving up money to pay for them)… You were the reason why i started my blog,you are my inspiration (you and Jane Aldridge),you are what made me believe in myself! so Bryanboy thanks for helping me find out the strenght to fight for my love for fashion! Without knowing it you helped many many persons out there!

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