Bryanboy For TUSH Magazine Cover

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy For TUSH Magazine Cover

I know, I know. The concept of me being on the cover of a magazine is something difficult to digest. It’s one of those things that you joke around with your friends — “so what’s your dream in life?” “oh me? to be on the cover of blah blah blah, yaddi yaddi yadda.” You know it’s NOTHING serious but you say it (tongue in cheek) anyway, because it’s fun.

Bryanboy for TUSH Magazine Cover

Well, the folks at TUSH, one of Germany’s coolest fashion magazines, invited me to be on the limited edition cover. We also did a cute little spread, etc etc etc. My friend Armin Morbach shot me back in August.Forgive me for the quality of the photograph because the cover image was printed on silver/mirror-like paper.

The magazine is available in Germany but we’re working on a way where y’all can order a copy of the latest issue. Give me a few days to get that sorted out.

Thank you TUSH! It’s such an honor to be on the cover and it was fun working with the family.


  1. You are one big character and that mole on your upper right cheek gives you more character!!! i love it and I’m happy for you.

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