Beyonce and Liya Kebede for Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

Written By bryanboy

Beyonce and Liya Kebede for Tom Ford Spring Summer 2011

Ladies and gentlegays, may I present Beyonce for Tom Ford spring/summer 2011.

Beyonce for Tom Ford spring summer 2011

Beyonce wears embroidered fishnet and python-pattern sequin evening gown and fishnet boots.

I think Liya Kebede's dress is ravishing.

Liya Kebede for Tom Ford spring summer 2011

Liya wears hand-painted silk georgette fringed evening dress, feather and lace heels and gold-dipped feather earrings.

photos: harper's bazaar uk via fashin


  1. I think that Beyonce looks very smartly in this dress with gold outflow, and its hairdress only is in harmony and gives more effect Sexy. If to tell on the dress it very much is pleasant to me. Such rich and even unusual, I will not be afraid to tell, what even impudent (in good sense of this word ;). Even there is such sensation that the dress is executed from a gold foil, and so it is poured in the light of… The Comment is ended.
    Yours faithfully BaggyS.
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    I LOVE Liya’s dress. It looks like she’s standing in the shadows of a tree in the sunlight

  3. I’ve never admired Beyonce’s style, but gotta recognize that Ford’s work makes magic… both look amazing… which is, in case of Liya, a total habit…

    Devilish kisses Bryan xoxo

  4. JakeLondon

    BB if I click on your site again and see Beyonce’s trannylicious face again I will break down. I need my fix!

  5. pardon me for saying that,but I personally think Beyonce looks kind of cheap in this whole set up…I mean it doesn’t really look like her…I don’t know this is a no for me

  6. While Beyonce can pull off just about anything with her killer figure, this gold number is a standout all in itself. The stockings gave an extra edge that’s just fabulous!

  7. Beyonce looks like a bleached out has been, what was she thinking? Even that gorgeous dress can’t help her.
    Liya’s dress, earrings, and total look are sheer poetry.

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