Beth Ditto + Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2011 Finale

Written By bryanboy

Beth Ditto + Jean Paul Gaultier Spring Summer 2011 Finale

I got the dreaded "white screen of death" on my Blackberry yesterday, rendering my phone useless. It's a good thing I saved everything on my MicroSD card rather than its internal memory so let me share you a treasure I took in Paris last month — the finale of the Jean Paul Gaultier spring/summer 2011 fashion show.

I apologize for the quality of this video as the Gaultier show was held at night. My camera ran out of batteries hence the use of my Blackberry.

After seeing Beth Ditto in real life I must say I'm now a big fan. Incredible, incredible woman!


  1. i’m head over heels in lurve with beth ditto! i used to see gossip perform at basement shows & indie venues in seattle, portland & olympia & now she’s on the runway & hanging with gautier & lagerfeld!

  2. Dein Stil gefällt mir. Sehr grungie :D Wirst direkt auf meine VerfolgenListe gesetzt.
    Ich hoffe du nimmst dir die Zeit und besuchst deine neue treue Leserin auch auf ihrer Seite :D

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