What to Wear: "Chanel N°5 And Nothing Else"

Written By bryanboy

What to Wear: “Chanel N°5 And Nothing Else”

I spent the whole day out with the bf and one of his friends on a trip (more on that later) and after cake and tea at Taxinge Slott (aka Taxinge Castle), the bf interviewed me for shits and giggles.

Fun times. :-)


  1. You have the cutest look on your face when you said :”and i love……. YOU!”

  2. damn it Bryan, it’s about time you show us bf’s face. Curiosity can kill you know! ;-)

  3. OMG great wheather over there! :O Okay, so a couple of days ago but still… Today it snowed in Stockholm :( Did you see that?
    Btw! I’m half pinay ;) hihi just wanted you to know how cool I think it is that a philipino is so international known. XX

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