Video Diary – Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Maybe 69ing (NOT!)…

Written By bryanboy

Walking, Hiking, Climbing, Maybe 69ing (NOT!)…

Not satisfied with the day trip I had on Saturday, the bf and I spent the whole Sunday walking around the suburbs. We went south, to the woods. Real woods with real trees, lakes (or river??), hills, etc. I’m the least outdoors-y person out there but our trip made me fall in love with mama nature.

Bryanboy at Stockholm Suburbs

Parka from H&M, shearling jacket from Vince, sweater from Whyred, jeans from Uniqlo, canvas sneakers from Generic Surplus.

Click click click for my video diary.

That’s all. For now. ;-)


  1. love the pointing thing and the accent of your fafabols.! boses palang te, ulam na. hahaha

  2. Bryan, is this Flottsbro? It’s all looking extremely familiar to me and I think I used to go there as a kid with school.
    The lake too looks extremely familiar, could you tell me where it is?

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