Not for Cameras, Bye

Written By bryanboy

Not for Cameras, Bye

Trust me, Swedish is quite possibly the most difficult language to learn.

The best way to learn any language, whether it's French or Norwegian, is to practice it with a native to get the right pronunciations. Both friends and the bf have been teaching me Swedish words. It's the bf's turn this time around and I recorded our conversation when we walked from the train station to his flat. 


  1. hahaha, that was too funny :) i love it when people try to speak swedish, it sounds so weird hahah, sorry

    i like that you are back in sweden, it was so cool seeing you and fashiontoast in august!!

  2. What do you want to learn swedish?
    I mean, sounds beautiful; don´t get me wrong, I´m just curious :)

  3. Oh honey, wait till you hear Danish. I swear the language is from another dimension… Hope you can drop by Copenhagen :)

  4. Swedish is one of the most beautiful languages out there though! A tip that a Swedish friend jokingly gave me: “just SING the words!” :P

  5. been studying swedish for a year now and I feel your pain. But wait till you try to learn polish (my cousin is) i swear you’ll feel you’ve not learn a thing

  6. Bryanboy, svenska är ett enkelt språk att lära in, det är faktiskt en av världens enklaste språk. Dock erkänner jag att det blir enklare, ifall man t.ex. var ett barn och bodde i Sverige, för barn har det lättare att lära sig ett nytt språk, plus att det blir synnerligt lättare för dig ifall du jämnt och ständigt hade svensktalade människor omkring dig.
    trans: Bryanboy, swedish is an extremly easy language to learn, and it’s actually one of the worlds easiest languages. I do however admit that it’s easy, in case you are a toddler/kid and if you for example lived in Sweden, because toddlers/kids have it easier to learn in a new language, and if you lived here in Sweden, you would pretty much always be surronded by people who speak Swedish, and then it’s easier to learn the language.
    The translation became longer, english and swedish doesn’t have much in common. For example the Swedish language doesn’t have as many words as English, sucks really .. Anywho, I wish you the best of luck, and don’t give up! KRAM! (=hug)

  7. Don’t give up, it’s easier than you think, and maybe you should try to watch Swedish movies and read (beginners) Swedish books? It can help you a lot. Lycka till (= good luck).

  8. I’m from Sweden, I love how you talk Swedish. Because it sounds so fnuuy, but you are good. keep trying :D
    Kram från ett Svenskt fan!
    (hug from a Swedish fan)

  9. Swedish is not the hardest to learn. I know Norwegian so it’s almost the same. Try learning Lithuanian. You’ll break your tongue. I am Lithuanian and I know people trying to learn it… ;DD

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