Mademoiselle Agnès Paris Restaurant Recommendation

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Mademoiselle Agnès Paris Restaurant Recommendation

I'm sure you're familiar of Mademoiselle Agnès. In my opinion, she's the best woman coming out of French television. I'm a big fan of her work and her sense of humor. Mademoiselle Agnès and legendary fashion documentarymaker Loïc Prigent filmed me in Paris.

We had a chat after the Valentino show and because I didn't have a pen and paper at the time, I used my camera to take note of her restaurant recommendation: Thoumieux.

Speaking of Valentino, omg, Mademoiselle Agnès had a really funny idea before the show. She wanted to find a French intern for me so we both trolled faces on the front row. She then approached the super chic Virginie Mouzat and asked her if she's willing to intern for me. It was hysterical! Virginie then replied by saying I should work for her not the other way around. My oh my. I wonder what the footage looks like on cam.




  1. Well, if Virginie Mouzat offers you to work for her, jump on the occasion!
    Thoumieux became excellent again about this time last year. If you go, don’t forget to visit the pâtisserie Millet, which is just round the corner (103 rue saint Dominique) and is, imvho, one of the two best pastry shops (pâtisserie) in the world.

  2. gurrl you better be in the next episode of Habillees. I am expecting you, BB!!!

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