How the Night Ended [video]

Written By bryanboy

How the Night Ended

Here's a video of me at In-N-Out. For those of you who don't know, this place is a Los Angeles institution.


My gurl Toasty and I had lots of fun. I'm so glad she made the two and a half hour drive from San Diego to see me.


  1. Oh Bryanboy welcum to El Lay :)
    looks like your slumming it amongst the common folk.
    too bad im retired from partying and (10 yrs older than you) or else i would of taken you to some fast and hard parties.
    Hope your friend takes you over to Malibu for the beach.
    And for some culture and great pics..The Getty (on the hill) and LACMA (on wilshire blvd)
    – L&H LA

  2. yourheadphones

    “…Fat comes to you.”
    Then a fat guy walks right behind you.

  3. fashion trends

    Have never been to IN-N-OUT, but everyone I know raves about it. You two are adorable.

  4. Hahaha, I didn’t notice the fat guy walking behind you at first, that’s so ironic.
    Americans get a bad rap as far as food goes. There are a lot of us who know about good nutrition and we are so not fat. A lot of my neighbors are though, so I guess you’re right.
    Love your cardi. xo d

  5. Was this in Glendale?! I hope you liked your animal style! I love In n Out! Sooo much better than Jollibee!!

  6. hahahaha! OMG you’re both amazing! Love this video. If you don’t eat fat, fat comes to you! hahaha! so crazy! you’re amazing my friend! :) I would like to meet you some day! you are fantastic, honestly.

  7. OMG! hahaha! love the video! you’re both amazing! I would like to meet you some day! you’re fantastic! :)

  8. Um, no. In-n-Out far does not compare to Jollibee. The menu is simple and the quality is better. Jollibee is a bastardized version of American and Italian food.

  9. I can’t believe u made it out to LA! If u need a tour guide around here, hit me up. I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time; I wish I ran into u!

  10. This reminds me of The Simple Life.. y’know that episode when Nicole and Paris “work” in Burger king.. in Miami!!! I love that show!
    You are SO Paris! ;)

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