Good Advice, Bad Advice

Written By bryanboy

Good Advice, Bad Advice

As strange as it sounds, I'm constantly inundated with emails from my readers asking for fashion advice. Advice on what to buy, advice on what to wear, advice on personal style, etc.

Bryanboy, Anna Piaggi and Anna Dello Russo at Emilio Pucci Spring Summer 2011
Me, Anna Piaggi and Anna Dello Russo at Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show

While I mostly blog about myself (and fashion), I find it funny that some come to me with their sartorial questions when I'm hardly fashionable or stylish myself. A relative once asked me why I like going out looking like a christmas tree.

I blog about "fashion", yes, such as the things I like, the things I've seen, the things I've worn, etc.

However, giving advice is something I'm not good at. It's also something I don't want to do.

I hope you understand (and accept my apologies) if I don't personally respond to your emails seeking advice because I cannot tell you what will look good on you without seeing let alone knowing you.

It wouldn't make sense for me to dictate 'ok this is what you should wear' only for you to end up not liking it, or worse, thing that you'll put on is not YOU.

Dressing up, to me, comes from within. The things that we put on our bodies should reflect ourselves: our mood, our emotions, our personality.

With that being said, there are many countless style blogs and magazines out there to draw inspiration from.

Me, on the other hand, I draw inspiration from myself. I know it's narcissistic but you won't see me collect photos of people to try to emulate them or add my own 'twist' to their looks. 

I believe in individuality and being unique. Looking different to everyone regardless of the trend gets brownie points in my book. I like it when there's something 'not right' or something 'off' or if I look 'ridiculous' to the eyes of others. Afterall, I dress for myself. Looking "perfect" is too easy. Take a look around and notice how beautiful people look these days? There are many, many, many beautiful individuals out there.

Unless you have your own personal style nailed down, it doesn't hurt to play around with our looks and have fun in the process.

So go right ahead and play with fashion. Always remember individual style triumphs over conformity. Don't forget to march to the beat of your own drum.


  1. If your a christmas tree, where do i get one? Your a fantastic individual, and i take my hat off to you for even responding to comments like that.
    In a park full of green grass, would you choose to sit next to dog shit, no. keep it moving kid, see you soon.

  2. Beautiful Things

    Well said! People who try and dress like someone else just end up looking like a poor copy of that person. I firmly believe that the key to looking good is wearing what you love.

  3. Really well said!
    I’m glad there are people like you that don’t care about trends and looking ”fashionable” that much, because people like me that maybe aren’t yet that confident about their own personal style can get a lot of inspiration and most important they can get confidence.
    Thank you for that!!!

  4. You always look good to me, so you’re doing something right.
    I love the shot of you with A & A (almost sounds like a drink, doesn’t it).
    When people ask me for fashion advice I can never resist giving it to them. Most people are like that. Your response shows restraint and a lack of narcissism. Kudos. xo d

  5. Amen to this but I’m not as brave as you. My brother is just like you very individualistic and whenever we go out, he’s always get noticed because of his over the top fashion sense. I’m not used to being stared at.

  6. I love how you put that. Originality over conformity any day! Style over fashion any day! I think that fashion’s fun, but style is forever and style is something that comes from within. It’s not something to emulate or copy. It’s YOU.
    I also think to have your own personal style, own it and show it off…you have to be prepared for the naysayers, the haters and the people who are gonna tell you, “that’s ugly.” If you stay true to yourself, remain confident and own it, then it’s no different than someone telling you that YOU are ugly—and that’s just ignorance. So move on and forget them.

  7. frenchie

    you made my day !!!
    I actually forgot that i ve a test tomorrow while reading this article,
    so thanks for that !!!!
    emilie from france ;)

  8. shane-michael

    you’re so beyond right. what you put on is up to you. screw whoever sticks their nose up at you. want to take a leap of fashion… leap far! if you look in the mirror and smile at what you’re wearing, wear it! i hate to say this, but it’s just clothes. i mean, you have the option to switch and swap whatever you want until it works for you. true, you may not give advice because different people see different things that appeal to them. but, i do remembering reading one of your blogs that mentioned christian louboutin’s sneakers. i had to get them! and, thanks you for sharing that… i find clothes to be an investment. only spend money on each peace if it’s totally worth it. if i dont “love” it… i simply just live and forget about it.

  9. right on! in a way fashion is a soul search. you really can’t tell people how to find their souls. they will have to experience whatever it is … birth, life, love, death … etc for themselves.
    i finally watched Benjamin Buttons … it doesn’t really matter if you grow younger … you still have to experience life for what it is worth.

  10. Very well said hun.
    I believe style is something you acquire. It’s learned from trial and error. Learn to work with what’s best for you. It’s all about taking risks and being comfortable in your own skin.
    I personally need to be more adventurous. I may not have alot of money to spend on designer clothes, shoes, etc, but I work with what I have. I’ve found some of my favorite pieces at bargain/thrift stores & I’m not ashamed of it whatsoever. If I can find a piece that works for me & is half the price if not more than something identical or similar to it, then I’m getting the cheaper one. That’s just the bargainista in me.
    xo Nicole

  11. As a stylist this is so true i get heaps of emails and its true you-cant give advise thru email with out knowing the person and getting that feeling so you have that idea on what ton dress them with :)


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